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5 Ways to Improve Your eCommerce Performance Using Social Media

SMM for eCommerce

5 Ways to Improve Your eCommerce Performance Using Social Media

Athour: Nick Brown

Until recently, social networks served as entertainment platforms for communication between people, but today they have become an additional, and sometimes the main way of business development and sales growth. For e-commerce projects, social networks offer special tools. They can demonstrate the product in a high-quality manner, remind the user who was on your site about it or help make a purchase within the social network.

How to expand the circle of customers with the help of social media and social media marketing, and bring them to the purchase of a product?


What is SMM?


Literally, the term means advertising and customer acquisition through social media. However, today SMM means promotion in social networks – SMP. It is in this sense that most people are faced with the increasingly popular SMM marketers, SMM courses and the secrets of advertising through the Internet space.


Features of SMM:


– Point impact – minimal exposure to non-target audience and concentration on like-minded people;

– Voluntaries – the distribution of content is based on personal recommendations, and this causes more loyalty and trust than advertising directly from the business owner;

– The constancy of work – it is necessary to maintain the popularity of the resource with regularly updated content.


Additional SMM functions:


– Market research – the needs and values of the audience;

– A guide between the social network and the company’s website;

– Increasing customer interest through special promotions;

– Subscription and mailing;

– Sales.

As for sales, remember that social networks should not be the main or the only point of sale for a business – you need an online store or a branded website with easy navigation and functionality.




Like any undertaking, the application of SMM and getting results should go through several stages:



The choice of types and methods of promotion.

Filling the resource with content and regularly updating and maintaining it.

Analysis of results to improve SMM.




Do not rush to implement social media promotion to advertise your business: correcting mistakes and restoring your reputation is more difficult than providing high-quality and effective material for attraction from the very beginning.


There are three types of business relationships:






SMM as part of a marketing strategy is suitable for all sectors. The presence of accounts on social networks has now become as much an indicator of organisation and good form as an office for receiving clients in person. And if social media is used to expand the customer base, increase reputation and brand awareness, then profits will grow.


If customers are end customers, then to promote through social networks, start with the preparatory stage:


Study the approaches and strategies for SMM from competitors.

Evaluate what is the state of your brand in terms of popularity in the Internet space: are there pages, channels on various resources, how many subscribers, the number of comments, likes, views, mentions.

Analyse your target audience. You can see how competitors’ subscribers react, what is the specificity of behaviour depending on the social network. Use ABCXYZ analysis and keyword query processing.

Formulate your proposal – product for consumption. The offer must be unique, not coinciding with competitive offers.

Choose the types and methods of promotion.


An example: What Facebook offers


  1. If you have a company page, you can upload a product catalogue to it. You will end up with a store from where you can choose to redirect customers to your website for purchase or offer to write to you to place an order.


  1. Inside each product, you can place several photos, add a description and indicate a price. Moreover, the user can save this product on his page so as not to lose it or share it with friends. If he liked something or not, then there is an opportunity to leave a comment.


  1. If you want to upload products automatically you need to make a special file that is uploaded to Facebook Business Manager. On the basis of the catalogue, you can create advertisements, add individual products to advertisements, create collections of goods.


  1. With dynamic ads, you can show your products to interested people. For example, those who have already been on your site and viewed some product. To set up such an advertisement form a product upload file and customise the advertisement for the desired audience, adjust the pixel. After uploading the catalogue and connecting it to Instagram, you can also send a request to connect the “Shopping on Instagram” functionality. Then you can use these products in your publications.


  1. Don’t forget to use good old posts and try to make them engaging. Instagram stories also give you a good space for representing your product. Also, one of the best ways to attract new buyers is live event streaming on your social media accounts. Every presentation of your project or any event at your company can be and should be shared with your followers on social media. Your product shouldn’t have geographical boundaries!


P.S. You can use similar tactics for every social media you use. Our advice: Use as many as possible!




If you use special social media tools, then every time they visit your community, the user will see relevant products and offers. This will significantly increase the likelihood of buying and contacting your company.

All social networks offer similar tools, but if you are present on different social networks, then you need to use them everywhere. After all, each site has its own audience.


This article was contributed by Nick Brown, he is a blogger and a marketing expert currently engaged in projects for Media Gurus, an Australian business, and marketing resource. He is an aspiring street artist and does Audio/Video editing as a hobby.

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