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8 Basic Video Production Equipment You Need


8 Basic Video Production Equipment You Need

Author: Gloria Mopotu


When it comes to thinking about the specific tools needed to achieve our strategy for creating a video, it is important to think about purchasing your video equipment at the right price. Traditionally, when one would think about video, the first thing to come to mind would is a flow blown television production with cameras with extremely expensive price tags. Now its time to think about online video differently and with the wide range of HD cameras and lighting, and sound equipment, you can get video equipment at a lower rate and still achieve the best possible video.



The inside scoop of producing a striking video:

Camera – The camera is the primary equipment that has to be present when one wants to shoot a decent video. For those that don’t have a professional camera, shooting with a phone camera can also work, but the quality will always differ company to a normal camera. The video camera you decide on getting will depend on your budget and the kind of video you plan to shoot.



Tripod – A tripod is normally an essential equipment to have if you wish to keep your footage steady and professional. If you are planning on purchasing a tripod, then we highly recommend getting one with a fluid head for smoother looking pans.



Lighting Kit – A lighting kit is not really a must. But it is effective if you are planning to shoot indoors and outside in the dark.




1. Clip-on (lavalier) Microphone: Unless you have someone on your team who is willing to hold a boom mic throughout your entire shoot, a wireless mic is definitely the best option if you are looking for good quality sound.

2. Shotgun Microphone: This mic is perfect for setting on top of your camera to ensure that you capture the surround sound and more.

3. Handheld Microphone: This is one of the most commonly used types of microphone. It is usually used in musical performances, television interviews as well as stage presentations.

4. Boom Microphone: The boom microphone is very popular in film and television production. A directional mic is mounted on a boom arm and positioned just out of camera frame.



Headphones – Getting great audio means monitoring the sound at all times while shooting. Make sure that you get good quality and a comfortable set of headphones to ensure that you avoid bad sound that could potentially damage your entire video.



Lenses – There are many things that determine the quality of your video. One of the of the most important one is the lenses that you will use. A good camera lens will capture sharp images with plenty of detail and contrast, while a poor one can leave your images looking dull and blurry.



Extra Batteries – The last thing you ever what to happen on a day of shooting is to run out of batteries. It’s always a good idea to carry at least 3-4 extra batteries which should be enough for most shooting situations.



Memory Card – DO NOT FORGET YOUR MEMORY CARD FOLKS. You will need this to record all the footage that you are shooting.



Quality definitely matters when it comes to producing a good video. In order to successfully bring a narrative to life on the screen, however, there are a few key pieces of equipment that filmmakers absolutely must have if they want to create a professional video production.


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