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ARTandVR Futuristic Festival – Highlight Video

ARTandVR Futuristic Festival – Highlight Video

ARTandVR Festival took a place at Hack Temple in San Francisco on February 18th, 2017

Organizers: ARTandVR – the organization is bridging the gap between the art and tech communities of San Francisco, it serves as a platform for local artists and a petri dish for future creation.

Venue: Hack Temple – a stunning Cathedral with a rich history linked to the transformation of San Francisco. The venue also represents a Startup Accelerator – HACKT where they help successful global founders get a brain share of Silicon Valley to scale their business locally or launch in the U.S. market

Featured Artists: 

Jeremiah Allen Welch – artist and founder of Massiflux

RonJon Terlane  – CEO at Freelance Tea Server & Stone Trader

Zach Ariah  – ART and Technology Ninja Artist

Chelley Sherman – Creative Code Instructor at Gray Area Foundation For The Arts

Made of the Moon – is the acoustic/electronic synthesis of Brian Castleman and Shane Hazleton. Together they collaborate to create a fusion of natural instruments with the capabilities and timbres of synthetic technology.

Micah James Zayner – VR Artist In Residence at Upload Collective

Matthew Childers – Interactive Visual Artist at Matthew Childers’ Digital Introspect

Zak Blatt – Artist (super talented)

Cerebellum Projekt – is an all original multimedia production experience masterminded by international circus producer/artist Madamn Burnz and latin-electronic music producer/artist Veterano. Enter a dimension of theatrical aerial acrobatic and fire performances in an ambiance of electronic music soundscapes that will transport you through a journey of psychedelic mysticism.

Musical part of the Festival brought by:

Beautiful Machines – live electronic-infused beats and low rumbling bass against beautiful synth craft, rich guitar textures and riffs, smooth bold vocals and lush harmonies.

GoNZoFuZe – Musical Band (don’t pass through)

Wormhole SF Bay Area – an eclectic community of artists dedicated to presenting immersive, interactive, multi-media events that unite the past and future through the present.

SUBPAC is a transformative wearable audio technology that converts sound into high fidelity vibrations you can feel. Sound pulses through your body turning Music, Gaming & VR, into a fully immersive experience.


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