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Blockchain Wine Pte Ltd and EY Develop the “TATTOO WINE Platform” to Disrupt the Wine Industry


Blockchain Wine Pte Ltd and EY Develop the “TATTOO WINE Platform” to Disrupt the Wine Industry

TATTOO WINE is an online and mobile platform that intergrade the blockchain and e-commerce technologies. The TATTOO Platform provides for Traceability, Authenticity, Transparency, Trade, Origin, and Opinion in order to provide buyer confidence for wine consumers. At the same time, the platform allows for wineries of all sizes to expand the global footprint. Smart contract capability allows for wine to be exchanged with security and efficiency.

HONG KONG, 23 MAY 2019 — TATTOO WINE is a revolutionary digital platform based on blockchain technology to promote and sell old and new world wines in Asian countries like China, South Korea, Japan, Singapore and Thailand. TATTOO WINE ensures the products’ quality and authenticity, while being efficient and cost-effective—important features as the market for consumption of wines in these markets expand.

TATTOO WINE is supported by The House of Roosevelt, one of the largest wine cellars in Asia, which can leverage its knowledge and reputation for wine to boost the platform. Ernst & Young (“EY”) develops and manages the blockchain and e-commerce integrated TATTOO WINE platform to enable its ecosystem of wine producers, distributors, logistics providers, and insurance operators on the blockchain to trace origin and quality of wines, schedule and track shipments, monitor warehousing and delivery, and arrange for and track insurance coverage of wine shipments.

Tim Tse, the founder and CEO of Blockchain Wine Pte. Ltd. and President of Roosevelt China Investments Corp., says:

We apply the latest blockchain technology to the classic industry of wine. Our platform name ‘TATTOO WINE’ says it all: Traceability, Authenticity, Transparency, Trade, Origin, Opinion. EY is the world leader of blockchain solutions, we strive to fight fake wines and enable wineries of all sizes to expand their global footprint in the most efficient and cost-effective way. Through the TATTOO WINE, both wine lovers and businesses dealing with wine can now buy wines with full confidence, and TATTOO WINE provides access to more choices and at better prices. This is the new silk road between winery and wine glass. We are disrupting the entire wine industry.”


Paul Brody, EY’s Global Blockchain Leader, says:

“We’re very honored to be working with Roosevelt to advance the state of the a

rt in blockchain-based business models. While traceability has significant value in and of itself, we have always believed that it is one element in a broader opportunity to integrate commerce and community. With TATTOO, we are creating an integrated ecosystem from buyer to consumer using our EY Ops Chain technology.”


Claudio Meucci, EY Italy Partner, says

“Blockchain is the technology that can transform the entire world of food by increasing efficiency, transparency and collaboration. The wine market is often made of small wineries, the supply chain is complex and the risk of counterfeiting is very high. The consumers are demanding for transparency and are ready to pay a premium price to traced origins, quality and traceability. EY is supporting BWC to create TATTOO WINE PLATFORM that aims to be the first innovative ecommerce marketplace based on Blockchain through EY OpsChain food traceability. The solution not only helps customers to create a new trusted relationship in the wine sector, but also promotes a new collaboration model based on wine tokens among supply chain stakeholders and customers. Each bottle and bulk is related to specific ‘bottle tokens’ in order to guarantee the full traceability of the production and shipment steps. Specific ‘cashback tokens’ enable an innovative rewarding system to incentive the community. A disruptive idea to protect and innovate the oldest beverage in the world.”


Josetxo Soria, International Director for Bodegas Riojanas S.A., Spain, says:

“Bodegas Riojanas S.A. is one of the 13 centenary wineries in La Rioja. It was founded in the 19th century by two families with deep roots in winemaking, it has become one of the most prestigious wine companies in Spain, an example of tradition and innovation. The commitment to blockchain technology is in line with Bodegas Riojanas’ expansion objectives to add innovative solutions to its supply chain. TATTOO Wine allows the winery to have an accurate and inviolable 360o view of its distribution process. We are also able to export to more regions of the world, conduct better analysis of our international consumer base and understand our clients better. From a consumer experience standpoint, TATTOO Wine offers our consumers an absolute purchase guarantee on our wines’ authenticity and origin. The TATTOO Wine Platform also allows consumers, old and new, to learn more about our wines and exchange their opinion. The Asian consumers increasingly value Spanish wines and their history, tradition and identity; TATTOO Wine offers all these advantages.”


Frédéric Gonet, SCEV Michel Gonet & Fils, France, says:

“The Champagne and Bordeaux wine that Michel Gonet & Fils produces are built on over two centuries of family history. The opportunity to work with TATTOO Wine is valuable in many ways. We can expand our international outreach at a faster and more efficient pace. We also have high regards for TATTOO Wine’s objective to fight fake wine. As we export more and more, we need to guarantee authenticity of all Michel Gonet & Fils wine and champagne that our customers consume.”


Jason Cohen, Regional Director of Greater China and North Asia and one of the Co-founders of CÉ LA VI, part of L Catterton, says:

“Our high-end restaurant lounge respects the highest standards in our industry. We have chosen to support TATTOO Wine based on this mutual care for high quality services and wine. Their e-commerce platform offers us the first-of-its-kind opportunity to expand our wine collection and avoid extra costs from middlemen. By using blockchain technology and an anti-counterfeit QR code system, TATTOO Wine enables our customers to purchase wines at CÉ LA VI with utmost confidence in their authenticity. The platform also acts as a mobile personal sommelier for our clients who can browse pairing suggestions, reviews and ratings.”


Johnson Wong, Chef and Founder of gēn 根, Malaysia, says:

“At gēn , we are proud to serve beautiful and top quality local produces with passion. We source premium local ingredients in Malaysia and we integrate modern techniques to elevate the dining experience. Serving the proper wine to pair with our unique creations becomes an essential goal. The TATTOO Wine provides us with the ideal opportunity to expand our wine collection, connect with more wineries and Châteaux in order to identify the perfect pairings to our wonderful food. The Platform and QR code system will also allow our customers to purchase wine with absolute confidence in their authenticity.”


About TATTOO WINE TATTOO WINE is revolutionizing the wine industry—an industry that has remained largely unchanged for centuries. The timing and technology are now ripe, just like grapes picked at the right moment to create perfection.

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