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Kickstart your own wild business in HK with Casey Lau – Tech Morning, Asia!

Kickstart your own wild business in HK with Casey Lau – Tech Morning, Asia!

Tech Morning, Asia! Immerse into Asia’s craziest inventions, innovations and tech celebrities that are changing the world as we know it!

Welcome to our BeFast.TV Original Live Tech News Show, designed to deliver top tech news from Asia’s top innovation hubs to your computer screens in the morning before heading off to work.

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In Today’s Episode …


Facial Recognition System will get Backed up with 40 million baht by Thai government

Thailand is set to invest 40 million baht for an online facial recognition system that will be able to store information such as names, telephone numbers, email addresses as well as the photos of shared groups that share and comment on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter. But why you may ask…

According to the Thai government, the main reason for this new system is to develop the Technology Crime Suppression Division’s ability to gather evidence that is required to process cases efficiently and effectively in order for the general public to use digital technologies being protected.

What are your takes on this? Let us know in the comments below.


How investment trends are looking for 2019?

It’s the start of 2019 yet so much is happening in the startup communities, especially when it comes to raising and investing substantial amounts of money to expansion and development. Here are this week’s BEST OF:

Tokyo-headquartered VC firm Genesis Ventures has announced the launch of its second fund worth US$80 million, which aims to invest in seed-stage startups across Japan and Southeast Asia.

Foodtech startup Eatsy scores US$500k in seed funding led by Quest Ventures. In total, this brings the company’s funding to a whopping US$ 1 million.

Leflair, a Vietnamese e-commerce platform, just raised a US$7 million Series B round to invest in regional expansion and on-boarding new brands from.

Singapore’s central bank, the Monetary Authority of Singapore, is putting into play a set of grants valued at US$554 million to help businesses float on the Singapore exchange and to enhance the quality and availability of each research.

It is often said that a good beginning makes a good ending, and with the way things are turning out for these startups so far, we can imagine the total amount of money they will raise by the end of this year. Let us know which startup you are rooting for in the comments below!


Start In Asia with Tech Startup Pioneer, Casey Lau – The Newest Startup Reality Show coming right to your screens

Casey Lau is one of Hong Kong’s tech startup pioneers and the mastermind behind one of Hong Kong’s first web studios, the Rogue Media. During our time together, Casey shared some insight on his experiences of starting his own business in Asia, in this case, how to Start in Hong Kong. In 2009, together with 3 partners, Casey formed StartupsHK to promote and grow the tech startup ecosystem in Hong Kong through a series of conferences and networking events. Casey is also the co-host of Rise – the Web Summit’s Asia conference based in Hong Kong. In addition to this, Casey splits his time as the founding partner of Dim Sum Ventures – an early stage venture dedicated to proptech.

And guess what? Casey Lau along with our rising star Gloria will be hosting the newest startup Reality Show called “START IN ASIA”, the Hong Kong edition, investigating how an emerging startup founder can set up and run profitable a SpaceTech business in this region. They will determine who the major tech innovators are in the Hong Kong ecosystem, who is the best mentor to have along your entrepreneurial journey as well as how and which top-notch investors to approach based on your startup’s nature.

Well, of course, we don’t want to leave you guys waiting too long so please be on the lookout for the video that will be out soon. Stay tuned!


Until Next Time! Tune In next week. 



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