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AI Technologies for Employee Communications

AI Technologies for Employee Communications

Do you know the successful key of HR strategy? It’s AI! It’s Yva from Findo/ABBYY. Catch world’s leading steps and technologies to make your life and work different. Learn more from David Yang of the secrets to success your company’s HR. Imagine a workplace that driven by accurate analysis of data, how convenient it is!


Abbyy is a global software company that provides technical solutions and platforms for both PC and mobile services. By taking advantage of artificial intelligence, ABBYY empowers its customers in terms of optimize business process, accelerate decision-making and drive revenue. It is now a team with more than 1000 employees around the globe.


Findo is a CA based company aims to help access information across personal cloud, emails and files. It’s a team consists of professional and experienced PhD’s around the world that work in AI, NLP, semantic and search engine technologies.


Yva is a secure and artificial technologies that play a role of virtual task assistant which help company’s HR to track employees’ emails automatically. It’s an intelligent and powerful technologies to success the company’s HR strategies.



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