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DIT Fintech Competition – Interview with Clare.ai Chatbot

DIT Fintech Competition – Interview with Clare.ai Chatbot

Event: KPMG X  UKDepartment for International Trade HK “DIT FinTech Competition”, 2017
Location: KPMG, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Speaker: Bianca Ho, Co-Founder of Clare.AI
Video Journalist: Anson Bailey (Special Correspondent From KPMG)

Anson: Ladies and gentlemen I’m here at the DIT Fintech competition – the pitching sessions this evening at KPMG. I’m here with one of the fintech entrepreneurs and competitors – Bianca Ho with Claire.ai How are you doing Bianca?

Bianca: Good! Thank you, Anson! Great to see you this evening.

Anson: How did you feel about the DIT fintech competition tonight?

Bianca:  It is extremely competitive. I received the list from the coordinator the other day and I was quite surprised for the level of competitiveness: one of them had a series A –  hundred fifty million, that’s quite hard to beat. I saw some serious B companies here as well. So, I think we’re up for a great challenge but that’s also good to enhance the competitiveness of the overall ecosystem.

Anson: Absolutely. It’s a great ecosystem we have here in Hong Kong and what were some of the takeaways from this evening’s fintech competition.

Bianca: I think it’s good to listen to what the judges asked, that is always a good way to think about the company strategy. The other good part of it is also that I got to listen to a lot of pitches and then I would get to learn how people talk about things, some have amazing slides. Plus, you learn how do you engage your audience a lot better.

Anson:  And are you confident about 2018? And is the future all about AI?

Bianca: For 2018, yes I’m confident about it. We’ve signed a couple of deals recently and hoping to roll out by 2018 so I hope this will be a year of growth for us. In terms of AI I definitely think it’s continually a trend. I would say right now we really look at how do we apply AI – I see a lot of these companies doing that today. There’s facial recognition, there’s payment system. So, I think those will be key areas where AI will be applied and how does that bring value to a business. I think companies nowadays really look at results. You look at KPIs, ROIs in order to drive their business so that’s extremely important.

Anson: Okay. And perhaps one final question, Bianca. If you were to give some words of advice to your fellow fintech entrepreneurs what would you say to them?

Bianca: I would say definitely go for the idea and try it out in a minimalist way. You know don’t get too fixated about having something extremely perfect but do have a working demo. I think that’s important. I think that’s the same way where Claire.ai started with the POCs, with pilots. Don’t give up too many things in the beginning. One of the panelists talked about the trust you give your customers, free accounts, free trials that they can test it out and once they get hooked with technology that’s where it comes from. I think there’s a lot of opportunities out there. I still think though pie is definitely growing on an exponential basis. A lot of smart people working on this but you pick your niche, try something out and get some feedback and then reiterate.

Anson: Great. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with one of Hong Kong’s outstanding fintech entrepreneurs. It’s been a real pleasure talking to Bianca Ho from Claire.ai here at the DIT fintech pitching competition at KPMG Hyson Place, I am signing off here with the BeFastTV team. Thank you.



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ABOUT DIT HK FinTech Awards

On its third edition, the annual DIT Hong Kong FinTech Awards offer local start-up
businesses an exciting opportunity to explore UK’s FinTech eco-system and connect with
potential clients, accelerators and investors. The Awards aim to promote the UK as an
attractive location for Hong Kong’s FinTech companies to invest in whilst providing a fertile
environment for local start-ups and entrepreneurs.
This year’s call for submissions kicked off following the launch of the Hong Kong-UK

FinTech Bridge, a comprehensive agreement covering government-to-government co-
operation signed by Hong Kong and the UK in London this September.

Among the 17 eligible competition entrants are thirteen companies from Hong Kong and four
from China.

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