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WONDERKID spotted at RISE 2017 – Episode 1

WONDERKID spotted at RISE 2017 – Episode 1

Entrepreneur at 14 || How to start your business – Vlog 1

BeFastTV is at RISE 2017! Phil our 14 year-old video entrepreneur finds himself surrounded by the most vibrant and competitive tech startups. He has no idea about the startup scene and the tech industry but he will find soon enough that he is passionate about entrepreneurship! Follow us as we vlog throughout the event, seeking out new, fascinating startups. So how was it? OMG It was quite an eventful day! We met up with startups that had a flurry of special devices; from using sound waves to reduce stress to combining an espresso machine with yogurt. We even reviewed the products for you after trying them out with crisp and sincere opinions . To find out more, watch our video, and don’t forget to like and share!

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Phil has a very surprising encounter. Together they will get some interesting ideas about startups and their world, their struggles, their successes. And who knows they might even start a company of their own.


A Bit of Background Story:

14-Year-Old Entrepreneur is a three-episode series. To see our guide for Rise, click here. It is a feat to be involved in the HK technology and startup ecosystem and not be familiar with RISE. The RISE Conference will be held in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from July 11-13, promising to welcome technology giants like Min-Liang Tan (Founder and CEO of Razer). In 2016, RISE welcomed 8000+ people, an assortment of investors, startups, speakers and media. The event this year boasts keynotes, panels and pub crawls alike.
Event: RISE Conference, 2017
Location: Hong Kong Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong


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