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Find Anything, Anywhere, Anytime – Findo

Find Anything, Anywhere, Anytime – Findo

“Find the video from someone from New York I downloaded 4 months ago.” That’s the only thing you need and Findo, your AI search assistant, will find it for you.

“People have these problems because either they have forgotten the place where they stored the file (notebook, Google Drive, Dropbox,…), or they can’t recall the right keyword (the name of that person, that company, etc.).” Gary A. Fowler and David Yang tell us how you can find all forgotten important information and save time with AI.


Findo is an intelligent search assistant which can search by description while searching all your personal cloud, notebook, Dropbox, Evernote, Gmail, Outlook, Slack, etc. from one place.

David Yang started 9 companies, including ABBYY, world leader in OCR, NLP, AI, 1300 employees, 16 offices, 13 countries, «Technology Pioneer» by the World Economic Forum, author of multiple patents, publications and a book.

Gary A. Fowler is a serial entrepreneur, Co-Founder 7 startups including GVA LaunchGurus (Top accelerator), IPO (CKSW), Co-Chairman of the Year AmCham Innovation Committee and TEDx speaker.


Location: San Francisco
Speakers: David Yang, Founding Investor at Findo & Gary A. Fowler, CEO and President at Findo

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