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Fostering Innovation in Travel – TravelTech Con 2018

Fostering Innovation in Travel – TravelTech Con 2018

Travel Tech Con is the only conference bringing together startups and engineers! Each conference selects 5 most exciting startups to pitch live at the Startup Day in front of the community & judges panel to win valuable prizes! Startups can also demo their product at no cost – TTC has a dedicated showcase time where conference attendees will be able to check out the demos and meet the teams.

– Boyd Cohen, Co-Founder of IoMobTech
– Sagitta Hines, CEO of TrustaBit
– Daniela De Stefano Pachon, Co-Founder & COO of Trip Loop
– Jason Donahue, Co-Founder or Sidewalk
– Marina Bay, CEO & Founder of BeFast.TV


About Travel Tech Con (TTC)
Travel Tech Con (TTC) is the only independent travel technology conference for startups and engineers.


About IoMob

IoMob is a blockchain powered stack for the Internet of Mobility. An open, decentralized backend allows established players, startups and public transit authorities to announce mobility services to end-customers. A permissionless, global mobility network allows any mobility provider to tap into its global network effect, including taxi hailing, car sharing, ride sharing and bike sharing services. Integrated payments in cash, credit card, and cryptocurrency that are split among the players that participate in the delivery of mobility services.


About TrustaBit
TrustaBit is a flight disruption management solution helping airlines harness the power of blockchain and smart contracts to improve the passenger experience.


About Trip Loop
With the TripLoop app you don’t have get lost while traveling in group. Find your friends and schedule at the speed of a click. With or without internet. Trip Loop’s mission is to promote world peace through the understanding of culture through seamless group travel.


About Sidewalk
Sidewalk is an app that provides free, guided walk experiences. Sidewalks can be created by anyone with stories to share about the places they know and love.


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