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A Guide to the Rise Conference 2017


A Guide to the Rise Conference 2017

Author: Jacquelyn Ng


Here is our BeFast.TV special, a guide to RISE curated especially for startups and investors without a clue how to conduct themselves in such a famed event. It is a feat to be involved in the HK technology and startup ecosystem and not be familiar with RISE. The RISE Conference will be held in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from July 11-13, promising to welcome technology giants like Min-Liang Tan (Founder and CEO of Razer). In 2016, RISE welcomed 8000+ people, an assortment of investors, startups, speakers and media. The event this year boasts keynotes, panels and pub crawls alike, and here are some of the attractions (organised by theme) you might want to check out:


Main Attractions

If you’re interested in honing your innovation and creativity skills, these might be of interest to you:

1. How to create a billion-dollar company (July 12th, 10:40 at Centre Stage)

Speakers: Amr Awadallah (Cloudera), Aimone Ripa Di Meana (Lazada Group)

2. Building an innovation culture (July 13th, 10:35 at Startup University)

Speaker: Keyvan Peymani (Amazon Web Services)


FinTech is a main theme of this year’s event:

1. Creating the next great fintech concept (July 11th, 14:45, MoneyConf)

Speakers: Carey Kolaja (Citi FinTech), Melissa Guzy (Arbor Ventures)

2. Five years from now: The future of fintech (July 11th, 15:25, MoneyConf)

Speakers: Barry Freeman (Pintec), Ray Yang (Marathon Venture Partners), Jing Ulrich (J.P. Morgan Chase)


If you’re a startup, you would definitely want to attend these:

1. In conversation with Dave McClure (July 11th, 11:15, Centre Stage)

Speaker: Dave McClure (500 Startups)

2. How to pitch in 2017 (July 13th, 12:15, Centre Stage)

Speakers: Bradley Horowitz (Google), Anna Fang (ZhenFund), Patrick Griffith (Startups Lead)

3. PITCH Final (July 13th, 12:35, Centre Stage)


Must-See Startups and Venture Capitalists


  • Digibyte // A worldwide decentralized payment network, similar to Bitcoin but not exactly. They focus on cybersecurity, payments and secure communications.
  • Emerge // View their portfolio, they have come up with bold ideas like acid detection umbrellas to indicate and protect against acid rain and ‘hold a tank’, an app that prevents any of your social media from posting and sending during drunken periods and so forth.
  • Know Your Customer // Provides KYC and anti-money laundering verification through a mobile app as well as providing daily reports to their clients.

Venture Capitalists:

  • Arbor Ventures // Seed and Early Stage venture capital investments. They particularly like FinTech and Big Data, but any service that transforms the market is of interest. They operate in China, Japan, Israel and the US.
  • GGV Capital // Multi-stage venture capital investments. They do everything from travel to music to security and operate in China and the US.
  • 500 Startups // Accelerator, doing seed and early stage venture capital investments. They have invested in 1,800 technology startups globally since they began in 2010.


Tips on Getting Noticed

The networking starts before the event. You can garner interest by downloading the RISE app and reaching out to people beforehand. Other channels of communication are open too, such as LinkedIn or even Twitter!

Once at the event, make sure you get on social media – Twitter, Facebook etc. Tell everyone your booth location, what time you will be there and anything else you think is relevant. Remember to use the hashtag #RiseConf in these posts too!


Hidden Gems

When people talk about RISE, it’s all about the conferences and panels but few people talk about the many other events RISE hosts.

RISE offers mentor hours and workshops for startups looking to get ahead. These occur on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10AM-4PM. Past mentors include Bradley Tusk (Tusk Holdings) and Arielle Zuckerberg (KPCB). As for the workshops, Justin Kan (Y Combinator) and Sanjay Singhal (500 Startups) have both spoken at them.

The roundtables from 10AM-3PM would also be interesting places to learn about tech news from the CEOs and founders at the forefront of modern-day innovation. Previous roundtable hosts include Alex Chung (Giphy) and Julia Hartz (Eventbrite).

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