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Day 3 – The Stars of HKTDC Startup Zone

Day 3 – The Stars of HKTDC Startup Zone

Day 3! HKTDC Startup Zone Conference is killing with pitches, exhibitions, networking and shows! Check out all emerging startups that are about to shake the waters with their disruptive technologies.

Featured Startups:

– Ten Tang, Marketing Manager of Skygear

Skygear is an open source development kit for mobile, web & IoT apps. Skygear provides not just APIs but an ecosystem of everything your app needs! For example, you want to make sure users sign up with an avator, you can extend the sign up API with the before_save hook to check the input at the backend.

– Mark Mak, Founder & CTO of ROBORN DYNAMICS

Roborn aims to share the fun, the dream and the happiness with robot lovers. Use robots in cases of emergency, bomb defusals, fire, desease and many more situations we are in danger.

– Lily Ll, Project Manager of Shenzhen VVFLY Electronics Co. Ltd

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