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Hong Kong: Where Business Goes To Grow – InvestHK

Hong Kong: Where Business Goes To Grow – InvestHK

January was a blast for the Hong Kong innovation community … why? Because of StartMeUp Festival of course! StartMeUp Festival is an initiative helping founders scale with the goal to promote Hong Kong as a distinct startup destination and to create a vibrant ecosystem that attracts innovative and highly impactful ventures from all around the world. 

More than 17,000 delegates and over 300 speakers including Stephen Phillips, Director-General of Investment Promotion and the Executive Vice Chairman of Alibaba Group Mr Joe Tsai, presenters and panelists, the StartMeUp Festival events brought an electrifying combination of content and renowned speakers. These events consisted of Healthtech 020 Summit, TechLifestyle Conference, Retail’s Cutting Edge, Jumpstarter, The Connected Cities Conference, AI & Education Conference, Startup Impact Summit and many community events ranging from job fairs, services marketplaces and workshops to networking functions, informal quizzes and meetups.

We had the chance to meet with the Director-General of Investment Promotion at InvestHK, Mr. Stephen Phillips, and the Head of StartmeupHKMs Jayne Chan for an exclusive interview about Hong Kong’s plan to create an international innovation hub and attract strong talent at its doors. Check out the full interview and let us know in the comments below, what are your thoughts on InvestHK’s efforts to make Hong Kong an attractive startup hub?



What Is InvestHK?

Invest Hong Kong is the department of the Hong Kong SAR Government responsible for Foreign Direct Investment, supporting overseas, Mainland and Taiwanese businesses to set up and expand in Hong Kong. The department provides free advice and customized services to help businesses succeed in the city’s economy.


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