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Interview with James Bernardo – Garage Society Hong Kong

Interview with James Bernardo – Garage Society Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a great start to your crazy dream project to be launched successfully! Check this out; Garage Society Hong Kong offers an excellent venue for you and your team in three locations – all in the downtown of Hong Kong – and one in Southeast Asia, with plans to further expand our ecosystem in the works.

The whole concept is based on three pillows: co-work, co-learn, and co-invest. Plus you get the great chance to find new partners, new friends, and new ideas among talented and success-driven people of the diverse Garage Society community of entrepreneurs and startups.

A big thanks to James Bernardo for sharing and making interesting and informative events for all startups and independent entrepreneurs in Hong Kong.

About Garage Society:

Garage Society Hong Kong is a contemporary co-working operator in Asia and it is, essentially, a home to all leading international startups, freelancers and creatives. The team regularly hosts educational events to facilitate collaboration within our startup and entrepreneurship community throughout the Asian region. Garage Society was founded in 2014, and is the first co-working space located in Hong Kong’s Central District. Their name pays homage to the game-changing companies that were born from a garage, such as Google, Apple and Amazon.

To learn more about the Co-Working Space follow the link.

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