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Jan Smejkal: Talking About Startup Ecosystem in Australia & Beyond w/ Brendan Yell

Brendan Yell was introduced to computers at an early age getting his first computer (a Commodore 64) at age 13. From there he developed a crude online service (then called a bulletin board) for use with his friends.

At 19, Brendan worked with the world’s first commercial online service Compuserve for a number of years before moving over to Australia’s first competitive Telco Optus.

In 1999, Brendan Yell left Optus to pursue his own online business and launched ShopFree ( in August of 1999. Since then ShopFree has expanded to 6 countries and has over 750,000 registered members.

Now he works for IBM SoftLayer (, runs Startup Grind chapter in Sydney, and builds the global startup community.

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Jan Smejkal is a young entrepreneur from the Czech Republic and dreamer currently on his life’s mission in China. His experience includes building a branch of global startup for Rocket Internet, founding and running an international trading company and being part of the Hult Prize Foundation that strives to change the world by bringing together the brightest students from all around the globe. He is passionate about startups and using the Startup Grind‘s amazing platform he shares his expertise and network to help, connect and educate members of the startup community.

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