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Jay Kim: Episode With Kevin McSpadden, Editor at e27


Jay Kim: Episode With Kevin McSpadden, Editor at e27

Kevin, a native of Montana, now lives in Singapore and is a journalist and editor at e27, where he keeps a pulse on the Southeast Asia tech ecosystem. In today’s episode he gives an insider’s perspective of Asia’s startup culture. Kevin is also a podcast junkie. He shares some of his favorite shows and introduces us to the recently debuted e27 Podcast Network.


In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • About Kevin’s career path and his work at e27
  • About Asia’s different startup cultures — particularly Hong Kong and Singapore
  • About e27’s Podcast Network
  • Kevin’s personal podcast recommendations



  • (2:35) Kevin’s quick introduction of himself and his work
  • (3:16) Kevin tells about e27’s history
  • (4:56) Kevin describes his career path
  • (6:14) Kevin explains what initially brought him to Asia
  • (7:49) Kevin gives a timeline of e27’s existence
  • (8:48) Kevin describes the e27 business model and their upcoming Top 100 event across Asia
  • (11:52) Kevin explains the difference between a news aggregator and a media company
  • (14:32) Jay and Kevin compare and contrast the startup cultures of Hong Kong and Singapore
  • (19:38) Jay and Kevin discuss the future of media, hard news, and fake news
  • (23:49) Kevin describes e27’s new podcast network
  • (27:58) Kevin’s personal podcast recommendations


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