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Jay Kim: Episode With Lui Tong, COO Of Strawberry Cosmetics

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Jay Kim: Episode With Lui Tong, COO Of Strawberry Cosmetics

Jay Kim is back again with a new episode of his podcast. Jay is speaking to Lui Tong, the COO of Strawberry Cosmetics.


Strawberry Cosmetics (also known as Strawberrynet) is an online beauty products retailer that has been a dominant player in their space since — wait for it — 1998. Lui has helped in the transitioning of Strawberry Cosmetics from a brick-and-mortar Hong Kong store to an online retail giant that carries over 800 brands and ships to nearly every country on the globe.


In today’s episode you’ll learn:

– How Lui, with a chemical engineering background, got into tech and then into online retail

– How Strawberrynet has remained a dominant player in its field for 20 years

– Lui’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs


Detailed Show Notes

(3:33) Lui’s quick introduction of herself and her work

(5:55) Lui explain how she moved from chemical engineering into tech

(8:14) How Lui moved from pure tech to online retail

(12:35) What is Strawberrynet and the story behind the name

(14:15) The scope of Stawberriesnet’s product offerings and the history of the brick-and-mortar business moving entirely online in 1998

(15:54) Lui touches on storage of inventory

(16:30) How Strawberrynet expanded their business beyond Hong Kong

(17:41) Lui talks logistics and delivery times for around-the-world shipments

(19:08) Lui explains how Strawberrynet has managed to remain a dominant player in their field, in spite of rising online competition

(22:45) The ironic challenge Strawberrynet faces with fake products

(26:07) Lui speculates on the future of Strawberrynet and the future of e-commerce in general

(30:52) Lui gives advice to aspiring entrepreneurs


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