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Jimmy McCarthy – The Evolution of Silicon Valley

Jimmy McCarthy – The Evolution of Silicon Valley

Calling Silicon Valley he’s home for over 25 years ago, Software and Internet were major phenomena at the time when Jimmy started, and through the rapid growth and development of the internet innovation new areas have starting making a global impact with technologies innovations like interface between robots and humans, drones and healthcare. There’s a new trend in technology that moving at an uncontrollable speed and this is what is becoming more relevant in the modern era and changing the way the world both on a local and a global scale.


Jimmy McCarthy helps companies transform their dysfunctional teams into peak performance teams. He shares his secrets from over 25 years in Silicon Valley, helping organizations in turmoil to become more focused, innovative and successful. He shares what he has learned with organizations of all sizes through interactive keynote speeches, workshops and customized training programs. Don’t expect only inspirational talks; Participants take away practical strategies, scientifically proven insights, and action plans to achieve peak performance for their teams and WIN at disruption — the Silicon Valley Way!

Learn more about Jim McCarthy HERE.

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