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Experiencing China’s Digital Economy – Kaizor Innovation

Experiencing China’s Digital Economy – Kaizor Innovation

Mobile payment transactions are huge in China. From convenience stores, shopping malls, restaurants to local grocery stores and small-scale vendors, mobile payments are used everywhere in Chinese cities transforming China into a cashless society. In fact, paying online is so common in China that even beggars and street musicians use WeChat and Alipay QR codes to ask for change.

In today’s episode of Tech Morning Asia, we feature our special guest Elaine Ann, CEO and Chief Innovation Strategist of Kaizor Innovation. Born and raised in Hong Kong and having lived in the U.S for 12 years, she brings to Asia processes of user-centered innovation. She helps companies to innovate in China market, as well as organizes special Experience Digital China trips where you learn how to split the bill at the restaurant by using WeChat, visit Hema, Alibaba’s futuristic supermarket, fly a DJI drone in VR goggles and ride a bike for 15 cents only.

We had a great chat with her about China as a most cashless society in the world and also taught how to use WeChat app. Watch the full interview now and let us know in the comments what you think!





What is Kaizor Innovation?

Kaizor is a strategic innovation consultancy helping companies strategize and innovate for the world’s largest growing market – CHINA. For clients to better understand the culture and context of designing for the China market, Kaizor organizes 5 days Cultural Immersion Tours for Executives to deeply immerse themselves into China, to make better-informed decisions for their China strategy.

Their clients include: Airbnb, DropBox, Hewlett-Packard, P&G, BMW DesignworksUSA, Herman Miller, SapientNitro, CNN, Sensormatic, Emerson Process, Bissell, Richemont, OSIM, Changhong, Design Continuum, Lunar Design, Ziba Design, WSdV, Hong Kong Productivity Council, Hong Kong Post Office, Hong Kong Design Centre, iMerchants, iSentia, GoAnimate, PCCW, Hang Seng Bank, The Good Life Initiative, AirGini, Lan Kwai Fong Group etc.


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