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“Making startups famous” Marina Bay of BeFast.TV

Marina bay

“Making startups famous” Marina Bay of BeFast.TV

Marina Bay (CEO & Co-founder of BeFast.TV),  Pete A. Turner and Sandra Ponce de Leon from Popping the Bubbl had a super fun chat, while at the same time recorded a video and did their podcast together!



Marina shared that BeFast.TV’s mission is to help founders tell their stories in a simple and easy to digest manner and efficiently reach their target audiences. While still residing in Hong Kong, she noticed that startups received little to no media attention, so she founded BeFastTV as video channel dedicated to promoting startups, and events related to innovation and technology.



BeFast.TV is an integrated content creation and production company with offices based in Hong Kong and San Francisco. BeFast.TV uses Youtube and Facebook as its main distribution channels for content with an affinity for the live features that both platforms offer, utilizing them to boost video content.


BeFast.TV originally took off in Asia while covering the startup stories in Hong Kong, Jakarta, the Philippines and Japan. Shortly after Marina realized that their services could benefit companies far beyond the Asian market and decided that the best way to meet new startups founders from the tech industry was to set up shop in Silicon Valley in San Francisco. Her goal was to meet the most innovative founders of today and create as much content about them as possible.


Once she arrived, she immediately noticed a vast difference in the American startup scene vs in Hong Kong, where many founders experience stagnation during the building process because the can’t find the right co-founders, coders, or designers. She describes the US startup ecosystem as very friendly with a better infrastructure and more resources for people to become entrepreneurs.




Marina also talks about her personal observations between the different startup ecosystems such as Jakarta.



Whether they are VC’s, incubators, accelerators, or just founders, the Silicon Valley mentality is open and ready to help. This, of course, is great for BeFast.TV,  making connections easy and allowing BeFast.TV to tell Silicon Valley’s stories of technology, entrepreneurship and innovation. Meeting these people, she says, inspires and motivates her and her team daily to create more content telling exceptional startup stories because she sees how hard founders are striving to bring their ideas to life. She’s learned that the greatest asset an entrepreneur has is to find the right person with which to partner, someone who shares a similar passion for the idea and desire to make it happen is the key to early success and will reduce the potential of failure that connecting with wrong partners and team.


Marina’s vision is taking the business globally, helping clients reach a greater audience and assisting startups in overcoming the challenges they face by applying tactics and strategies from other markets.


Have a listen or better yet listen and watch this one!

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