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Meet The Winning Teams of G-Startup Tel Aviv

befasttv G-startup Tel aviv

Meet The Winning Teams of G-Startup Tel Aviv

G-Startup Worldwide is a global startup competition that tours around the world to find the most innovative startup with high potential. This year, G-Startup received over 300 applications from 47 countries. Most of the startups are focused on sectors of Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR, Cyber Security and Robotics. BeFastTV is fortunate to have the chance to interview the winning teams of G-Startup Tel Aviv.


befasttv G-startup Tel aviv


First place – Donde Fashion


Founded in 2015, Donde Fashion is an online shopping app with a search tool that is visual-based rather than text-based, which allows users to search any fashion items they have on top of their heads.

“I personally suffer from shopping frustration. That is why I started Donde Fashion. I want to solve a problem, which is much bigger than fashion. I want to change the way how people search,” says Liat, co-founder of Donde Fashion.

Liat has an extensive background as a former engineer working in Israeli Intelligence with the niche of cyber security. Currently juggling between Tel Aviv, the US, and Asia, Liat is happy that she has a solid team to support her. Donde Fashion is able to leverage their big data analysis skills with its large pool of e-commerce experts, continuing to streamline and create a better online experience for customers, and ultimately revolutionizing the e-commerce landscape.

Winning the first place of G-startup Tel Aviv 2017, Donde Fashion receives a complimentary trip to Silicon Valley to complete for an additional global investment of USD 250,000 investment.

Befasttv Donde Fashion

Second place – AROS


AROS is an Augmented Reality (AR) operation system that provides full AR solution for outdoor activities, using image processing combined with computer vision to create a full AR solution for the outdoor application.

BeFastTV talked with Tomer Cohen, the co-founder of AROS. Tomer had his first taste of Augmented Reality (AR) from the cockpit of an F-16 when he was 18 years old. Tomer met his co-founder, Alon Getz, when they were in the same squad working for the Israel military. Alon Getz is the former head of the AR project of the Israel military and has over 20 years experience in engineering, inertial sensors, navigation, hybrid/sensor fusion, and computer-vision.

The two individuals came together and are committed to bringing cutting edge augmented reality to all outdoor industrial vectors and revolutionize the way people interact outdoor activities in their day-to-day lives. AROS has a pending patent for its unique user interface, which is highly adaptable, intuitive and configurable for users.

Looking forward, AROS is actively looking for manufacturing partnership to further expand their scope of services. AROS is committed to extending their solution to a wider industry, such as logistic, construction, military use, mining and more.

Third place – Loginno


Loginno, an Israel-based startup that develops cost effective and real-time solution for shipping containers won the third place of G-Startup Tel Aviv 2017 for their innovative breakthrough in the logistic industry.

Having worked in the container industry for many years, Shachar was in charge of special equipment and observed a lot of problems with the traditional containers. Shachar told BeFastTV that he has always wanted to develop a new kind of container and make them “smarter”. After several unsuccessful attempts to shake things up in his old company, Shachar decided to start his venture and put his idea into execution.

Shachar, founder of Loginno considers himself as a lucky entrepreneur. “I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. It wasn’t easy. I was like the camel in a desert with very few drops of water, but somehow you have to make it to the dessert. The journey requires a very stable and supportive environment and you gave to be very patient and attentive.  I am lucky that my family gave me a lot of support. Although the process was really intense but it is also very gratifying,” he says.

The Israel-headquartered company has already off to a good start with a strategic partnership with one of the leading logistic unicorns. Looking ahead, Loginno aims to be the leading force in shipping IoT industry and gradually spread their footprints into the Asian market.

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