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MOAC – Blockchain Transformed

MOAC – Blockchain Transformed

Meet MOAC company – The Mother of All Blockchains. The company claims to be the Blockchain of the new generation. Tune it and learn WHY. Brought to you by BeFast.TV straight from the heart of Silicon Valley.



– Opening Remarks presented by Ryan Wang, Chief Business Development Officer of MOAC

– Video Intro about MOAC

– Keynote: Shaping the future of Blockchain 3.0; presented by David Xiaohu Chen, CEO of MOAC

– Keynote: MOAC Architecture; the change and its consequence. Presented by Xinle Yang, CTO of MOAC

– Panel Discussion: The Future of Dapps and Blockchain Infrastructure;
Moderator: Ryan Wang, CBDO of MOAC

  • David Chen, Co-founder and CEO of MOAC
  • Eric Ly, Founder and CEO of HUB; Co-founder of Linkedin
  • Miko Matsumura, Founder of Evercoin
  • Andrew Gu, Founding Partner of DHVC

– Closing Remarks, presented by Ryan Wang, Chief Business Development Officer of MOAC


About MOAC

MOAC is to design a scalable and resilient Blockchain that supports transactions, data access, control flow in a layered structure. It creates the framework to allow users to execute Smart Contract in an efficient way. It also provides the architecture to spawn sub blockchains using underlying infrastructure quickly and easily. It is a Blockchain platform with necessary plumbing parts available to sub blockchains, providing solution for idea test, private chain deployment, complex task processing, decentralised applications and so on. Find out more about MOAC here: https://moac.io/

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