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The Multi-Function Startup – PENBROTHERS

The Multi-Function Startup – PENBROTHERS

Guilherme Faria, Rui Palhais, Rhett Jones and Derya Tanghe walk us through Penbrothers. A startup that saw a need in the market to create a great working space and employ local people in terms of startups. Through Penbrothers, Rui, Rhet and Derya have progressed immensely;

  • Rui Palhais joined Penbrothers to source talents for he’s company called MAPPALAB, “It was critical for me to find talent and Penbrothers could provide me with the services” said Rui.
  • RISE PH occupies 23 seats at Penbrothers, providing local businesses with internet services in a city where internet is hard to access,“Getting internet delivered can be hard, so having this infrastructure in place saves you a lot of time” said Jones.
  • Derya Tanghe, founder of tech school NXTLVL Academy, business has become easier because of location, service and internet stability.

Without knowing the exact path of Penbrothers during the time of its inception, it has grown to be a successful business that not only provides multiple services but also give local people an opportunity of employment.



Located in Makati business district, Penbrothers saw an opportunity to create an agency that could hire people and provide working space. Penbrothers helps companies hire talent, set up payrolls and taxes and offers office space for a fraction of the cost.


Catering to the demand for technology and web related technical skills that is growing rapidly in the Phillipines, NXTLVL was established as a learning institution with the focus on the constructive approach to technical skills training. The sole goal for the academy is to change the lives of the people by teaching technology skills that people can use to build careers and chase entrepreneurial dreams.


Pushing the startup ecosystem to another level, helping them to perform better when they are trying to chance the world by providing solutions and design a plan to improve something in your business. For MAPPALAB, change doesn’t mean being in the creative and fuzzy side all the time, even the most creative corporations in the world have a process and a structure when improving their processes, products, services or developing their people.


Access to high-quality, affordable internet is going to be increasingly and uniformly expected. The RISE mission to accelerate internet means to deliver always on, always fast, a service always able to provide the best of what the internet has to offer. RISE provides the best possible internet service experience to customers and works to continually improve our internet service characteristics, including speed, reliability and overall quality.


Founded in December 2014 during an informal lunch gathering by various filipino entrepreneurs, Geeks On A Beach (GOAB) is an annual international conference held in the Philippines. Over the past 5 years, Geeks On A Beach continues to connect passionate people in the field of entrepreneurship, design or technology.



Event: Geeks On A Beach Conference, 2017
Location: Princesa Garden Island Resort and Spa Hotel, Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines

  • Guilherme (Gui) Faria, Co-Founder at PENBROTHERS
  • Rui Palhais, Founder and Improvement Hacker at MAPPALAB
  • Derya Tanghe, Founder at NXTLVL Academy
  • Rhett Jones, CEO at Synacy

VJ: Monalisa Neuboeck, Special Video Correspondent, BeFast.TV

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