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New Retail: Born In China Going Global


New Retail: Born In China Going Global

New Retail: Born In China Going Global, How Chinese Tech Giants are Changing Global Commerce offers insight into key technological and retail changes in China and how they’re impacting the rest of the world


The term New Retail was introduced by Jack Ma in 2016 to describe a new kind of retail that was solidifying its hold in China and that Alibaba was going to dedicate itself to. It merges the consumer experience so that people can go to a physical store, use QR codes to check where a product was made or where food was grown, buy items missing from the store online, have the items in their basket automatically checked out and deducted from an online payment system, and then have the items they bought online delivered so that they arrive at the shopper’s home around the same time they do.


These are just a few of the examples that Ashley Galina Dudarenok and Michael Zakkour share of what is possible using the tech-integrated retail options available in China. Those who haven’t been to China don’t need to wonder about the effects its tech development have had on its retail landscape as the authors lay it out clearly and explain its origins, its trajectory, how it’s similar to evolutions in the West, such as omnichannel marketing and experiential retail, and key ways that it is different.

For brands and companies that are looking to expand into the Chinese market, still the largest e-commerce market in the world and one of the world’s largest economies, it’s a must read to understand the environment they are entering. The authors have put together their decades of combined experience on the ground in China doing marketing and helping companies set up shop. They bring key insights on what works, what doesn’t and the mistakes in thinking and action that can land brands in trouble in China’s constantly changing market.


On top of that, they also bring a wealth of knowledge from other markets and can explain what business owners think China is, as opposed to what it really is.


During a time of heightened trade tensions, there’s never been a greater demand to understand China’s market, what it demands, how it’s changing, how it operates and where it’s going. These two authors lay it out clearly and simply enough for anyone to understand while adding enough detail for marketing and business professionals to get added insights.


Andrew Busby, Founder and CEO, Retail Reflections, Forbes contributor, Global Top 20 retail influencer, IBM Futurist says If, like me, you constantly wonder what the future of retail looks like then “New Retail: Born In China Going Global” will help uncover the answers. Virtually all the real innovation in retail is currently happening in China and Ashley and Michael provide the reader with an informed and expert guide to what the future might hold for all of us.”


Indeed, in 2019 the long battle between bricks and clicks is over, and the winner is The New Retail. Alibaba, JD.com, Tencent and a growing group of innovative brands, retailers and digital pioneers, fueled by the demands of the most spoiled consumers in the world have spurred a retail renaissance and plotted a course for the future of retail and consumption around the world. If you want to see the future of retail and commerce, read this book, and then, if you can, spend a week shopping in Shanghai.

Some key features of The New Retail include:

  • the ability to buy anything, anywhere, anytime, anyway
  • retail-tainment as a brand and retail driver  
  • virtual reality enhanced stores 
  • see-now-buy-now streaming videos 
  • interactive social commerce
  • smart, connected, experience-first physical retail environments
  • 15-minute on-demand delivery 

Learn more about the New Retail in this latest book New Retail: Born In China Going Global available on Amazon and Kindle from July 18th.






Book’s Amazon link:  https://amzn.to/2XUh2Bt 

Link to author photos: https://bit.ly/2Ympxq3 and https://bit.ly/2XEmah4 

Book pictures here: https://bit.ly/2NZHABU  and https://bit.ly/2RKEujt 


If you are looking for more details about the book or interview opportunities, please contact Natalia Drachuk at (+852) 37092258 or [email protected]


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“While many believe Amazon leads the world in retail innovation, the truth is China’s retail leaders such as Alibaba, Tencent and others are paving a revolutionary path with mobile payments, retail and customer experiences. Ashley and Michael give us an in depth look at China’s New Retail revolution.”

Bryan Eisenberg, New York Times Best Selling Author, co-author of Be Like Amazon: Even a Lemonade Stand Can Do It


“This wonderfully written and insightful book is, as you would expect from these proven authors, a revelation showcasing that the future is now significantly predicated on the ambitions and appetites of the Asian superpowers of retail and none is more willing to challenge the frontiers than mainland China. Highly recommended for those who enjoy leading into the future. Thank you Ashley and Michael.”

Brian Walker, Founder, Retail Doctor Group, Vend Top 50 Global Retail Influencers 2018/19, LinkedIn Top Global Retail Voice 2018


“Ashley Dudarenok and Michael Zakkour portray how in China, it’s not about a retail apocalypse but a retail renaissance. With a large number of interesting examples and cases, the authors bring to light how the retail landscape is evolving in China, which should provide plenty of insights and impetus for anyone dealing with retail around the world. Dudarenok and Zakkour write with a clear and easy style and provide a great inside look at the world of retail in China.”     

Minter Dial, speaker, award-winning filmmaker and author of Futureproof and Heartificial Empathy 


“The gravitational force of retail has moved east and industry executives that ignore this monumental shift do so at their peril. “New Retail” is a concise, no-nonsense look into one of the most profound revolutions in retail history. Authors Michael Zakkour and Ashley Galina Dudarenok provide a clear and well-documented narrative on how companies like Alibaba, JD and Tencent are, quite literally, reinventing the modern concept of retail.”

Doug Stephens, Founder of Retail Prophet and Author of Reengineering Retail: The Future of Selling in a Post-Digital World


“Amazon often gets all the glory, but the big tech giants of China are the real trailblazers when it comes to digital innovation. Dudarenok and Zakkour expertly dissect the strategies of China’s leading retailers, the evolving Chinese consumer, and the technologies that will redefine brick and mortar stores to enable a genuinely frictionless customer experience. The future of retail is already happening in China; this book will give Western retailers a glimpse of what’s coming next.”

Natalie Berg, Retail Analyst, Author and Founder, NBK Retail  


“I’ve been personally writing for some time that China is the digital laboratory for the future of retail. This is now confirmed in the new book “New Retail: Born In China Going Global” by Ashley Galina Dudarenok and Michael Zakkour. Alibaba, JD, and Tencent are forever changing the global retail delivery model and the lessons from the East will soon reach the West. This book is required reading for its multiple disruptive innovation examples that are foundational to the inevitable digital transformation of the retail delivery model.” 

Tony D’Onofrio, CEO of TD Insights and Top 100 Global Retail Influencer / Futurist


“With AI and digital technologies, New Retail redefines e-commerce. It’s a retail ecosystem that blends online and offline channels to feature the consumer at the center, often in new and unexpected ways. This timely book is a must-have reference for multinationals to rethink their marketing strategy in China.”

Winston Ma, former Managing Director of China Investment Corporation (CIC), author of China’s Mobile Economy and Digital Silk Road 


  1. About Ashley Galina Dudarenok

Ashley is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, author, vlogger and podcaster. As a marketer and social media agency head with more than twelve years of professional experience in China and Hong Kong, she’s seen the transformation of China’s online world firsthand. Her specialties are China market entry, Chinese consumers and New Retail.


For more information, visit http://www.ashleytalks.com or Linkedin (Ashley Galina Dudarenok), YouTube (AshleyTalksChina), Facebook (@AshleyTalksChina), Instagram (@ashley.lina) and Twitter (@AshleyDudarenok)


  1. About Michael Zakkour

Michael Zakkour is the vice president of the Asia Market Strategy, Global Retail and E-Commerce Practice at the consulting firm Tompkins International and author of China’s Super Consumers. He has worked with more than 200 small, medium-sized and multinational enterprises in China and appears regularly in the media. He’s a frequent keynote speaker about Chinese business, technology, consumers, culture and globalization.


Connect with Michael on: Linkedin – https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-zakkour or Twitter – @michaelzakkour. A collection of Michael’s Forbes articles can be found at: www.forbes.com/sites/michaelzakkour


  1. About Alarice International

Alarice International is a Hong Kong based marketing agency offering creative marketing solutions for the China market. In seven years successful years, it has achieved results for multinational corporations, startups, renowned brands, family-run businesses, and even government departments.

For more information, visit http://alarice.com.hk/


  1. About ChoZan

ChoZan is a marketing training and resource platform specializing in Chinese social media. ChoZan works with clients to improve their understanding of Chinese consumers, by providing information, updates and advice regarding Chinese social media channels, tools, and marketing best practices.

For more information, visit http://chozan.co

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