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China’s Leading Cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence Company

China’s Leading Cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence Company

Event: KPMG x Department of International Trade “DIT FinTech competition”, 2017
Location: KPMG, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Speaker: Jenny Wong, Project Manager at SenseTime Group
Video Journalist: Anson Bailey (Special correspondent from KPMG)

Anson: Good evening. I’m here at the DIT Fintech competition. I’m here with one of the contestants Jenny Wong project manager with SenseTime Time group. Good evening Jenny. How are you? Good evening I’m actually doing very well tonight. Great to see you.  I just want to get your thoughts and ideas about the DIT Fintech competition this evening. How did you find it?

Jenny:  I found it extremely exciting actually. I was very surprised by the energy and enthusiasm of every one of the participants tonight myself including. I would say that’s very interesting to see how many diverse solutions that we have witnessed tonight. We have chatbots. We have financial advisories. We have wealth management solutions and with SenseTime we have even a facial recognition solution. So I would say that it’s a very eclectic mix of solutions that we’ve seen tonight.

Anson:  And Jenny what were some of the key messages that you’ve heard this evening from the fintech competition?

Jenny: Right, I would say that tonight is more about innovation and trying to step out of the box, trying to create some of those solutions that we are not commonly seeing within the market and also trying to solve a lot of the problems that are inherent within the system. Some of these problems are existing for quite some time right now. I could say that with the technology we can take a step further and try to solve that.

Anson: And Jenny, just looking at 2018, are there any interesting technologies or innovation that we should be thinking about?

Jenny: I would say that computer vision based solutions for example what we’re doing here at SenseTime, facial recognition or even OCR-related technologies to expedite processes and business efficiency. It is something that we’ll be seeing a lot more because that caters to both the end consumers and also to expedite the efficiency of business processes itself. So both the front and the back-end will see a lot of greater efficiencies.

Anson: Okay. And perhaps just a final thought in terms of any words of wisdom to those fellow fintech entrepreneurs. Any words of advice for them?

Jenny: I would say that be brave. Don’t be afraid to step out of the box. There are always solutions that people have never thought of. And so it’s just a matter of being creative and also using what you’re good at. And also remember to give a good pitch with the right amount of enthusiasm and confidence.

Anson: Okay great! Ladies and gentlemen I’m here, Jenny Wong from SenseTime Group at the DIT fintech competition. Thank you very much.



As China’s leading cutting-edge artificial intelligence company, SenseTime focuses on innovative computer vision and deep learning technologies. As the world’s leading deep learning platform developer, SenseTime is dedicated to creating industry solutions via innovations in AI and big data analysis. With the goal to “Lead AI innovation to power the future”, SenseTime has established China’s largest and only self-developed deep learning supercomputing center, establishing itself as the largest supplier of AI algorithms in the country.

SenseTime has collaborated with many well-known strategic partners and clients, equipping multiple businesses with AI technology. SenseTime’s multifunctional technology is rapidly expanding and already encompasses facial recognition, image recognition, intelligent video analytics, autonomous driving, and medical image recognition.


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