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BeFast.TV is a global TV channel about Latest News from Tech conferences and events & Stories about Entrepreneurs.

Email: fast@befast.tv

  • BeFastTV US Advertising: Leo Yu, +1 415 368-8278
  • BeFastTV Hong Kong Advertising: Marina Bay, +852 93105681

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Got an Event to cover? We can help with that too? Get in touch here.

Videotaping of meetups, events, workshops, panel discussions and conferences + Cut and Edit

+ Event LIVE Broadcasting:

Live streaming using different platforms including YouTube and Facebook with live editing e.g. adding logo watermarks, changing names/titles of presenters.

+ Crowdfunding Campaign Video Production:

If you’re about to launch your crowdfunding campaign, you are already aware of the importance of video. Send us an inquiry with the sample video you like to get our quotation.

+ Corporate Videos –  Interviews:

Interview your founders and CEOs for delivering a clear message about a company’s goals and mission through the video. 

+Corporate Videos – Product and Services:

Videos about Product allows customers to make a faster decision about its purchasing.

+ Event Promotion Management:

Have an event, conference or workshop you want to promote? We do digital and video marketing to increase your customer reach and conversions.

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A Few of Our Partners:


Ideas of Video for your Video Marketing Plan

Think about what is the most important part of your product you want your client to learn about, what would be most essential information you want them to communicate in order to make them a final decision about the purchasing. 

Here is a list of ideas:

  • ‘HOW TO’ videos that demonstrate your product, or educate the customer about it
  • Live workshops or Q&A videos
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Power Points
  • Behind the scenes
  • Introduction of team
  • Interviews
  • Explanatory videos

Those are just a few ideas on the types of videos you could create. Be creative, look around at what other industries are doing on Facebook and YouTube to get ideas, contact us to capture those ideas with our well-equipped video production crew.

How and Where to Post Your Videos

  • Create YouTube channel – links are sharable through other social media platforms
  • Post on Facebook Page – upload the original video on FB directly
  • Flashy Thumbnail for video
  • Right Headlines and Hashtags are important
  • Call-to-Action messages in the post under the video
  • Schedule the right timing for posts

Remember, by posting the VIDEOS you build trust with your audience.

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