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Tips on How to Start Your Very Own Clothing Line


Tips on How to Start Your Very Own Clothing Line

By Gloria Mopotu


Many successful fashion brands are born out of the consumer’s need for a specific product, which founder and designer of ANVEGLOSA, Annette and creator of YC Yeung Chin, have sharpened from the very moment they started their fashion businesses. Both designers released their latest collections at CENTRESTAGE, which was nothing short of breathtaking.



Annette’s eleven years old clothing line caters to women of all different shapes and sizes that personifies her own personal taste, style and beliefs of high-quality clothing. The range of designs offers a variety of eye-catching wearables from skirts, jackets, coats and pants all designed in the finest leather coming all the way from Europe. One aspect that always inspires Annette is when her customers are able to identify.



Yeung Chin officially launched his clothing line in 2002 with a huge emphasis on uniqueness and the character and the story to create one of a kind pieces.



With the massive global trend of digital marketing, both distinctive designers continue to grow by the minute by using social media as a tool to create brand awareness and connect with customers at a faster and more efficient pace.

After showcasing their fall collections at CENTRESTAGE, Annette and Yeung take the opportunity to share insightful tips on how to successfully manage your very own clothing line.


  1. Use Your Imagination, Be Creative

 For many people, being creative means mapping out a thousand different routes to reach one destination. It means challenging yourself every day to bring to life something that has never been seen before. Annette associates being creative with doing excessive research as well consistently reading fashion magazines which she considers to be very important if you want to stay in touch with the latest and hippest styles out there. By doing this, reading about all these fashion trends also allows for a designer to find inspiration and creativity when it comes to starting his or her own clothing line. There aren’t just certain places that you can go to to be inspired, creativity comes from the most mundane places but when you find that spark you are able to do wonders with it. So don’t hold back. Be bold and be authentic.


  1. Make Sure You Get The Right People On Your Team

Hiring the right people to be part of your team is not child’s play. It takes a great amount of time to find employees who believe in your vision and are determined to help you reach your goals at the end of the day. Annette cherishes those passionate individuals who share the same belief and enthusiasm to drive her brand forward. Yeung on other believes that working with people is more like a partnership to get the job done, “people do not just work for me but with me.”


  1. Decide The Right Part Of Sales For Your Business

Anveglosa is currently focused on brick and mortar stores but would like to explore more e-commerce options to expand our sales channels. The younger customers are tended to be digital natives and expect to buy online or even through messaging platforms. For Yeung, his designs can be purchased in-store however he is currently focused on the idea of creating artistic concept stores or showrooms with different art installations. For the designer, this will give the business more exposure and growth.


  1. Beware Of All The Costs You Need To Look Out For

There are many costs that you need to look out for when it comes to starting your fashion business or any other business for that matter. When it comes to costs, both designers agree that one of the most essential things to consider is time. “Time is precious and cannot be wasted,” said Yueng.

According to Annette, she strongly believes that effort and costs and two key components when it comes to different areas of the operation, sales, marketing and etc. “It is always important to maintain a healthy cash flow for your business in order to have a long-term sustainability.”

However, Annette admits that there are also unexpected costs your company needs to keep in mind. “For example, the first sample of each style may not be able to fully show the essence of the design. It is common to make an adjustment on the first sample before it really matches my design intent (sometimes even up to 3-4 times of adjustment for those pieces with complex designs). This takes time and required additional material costs. Therefore, it is always important to have cash reserves and plan ahead for your business.”


  1. Finding Or Owning Your Own Manufactures Is Important

Annette owns her own manufactures in Hong Kong and this means that the entire – from sourcing materials to design, from manufacturing to selling – is fully under her companies control. Yeung believes that important to try out as many manufacturers as you can until you find the one that best suits what it is that you are trying to achieve.


  1. Its All About Social Media

Having social media presence is very important in this new digital world that we find ourselves in. It is one of the best platforms for showcasing your brand and put your name out there. Leveraging social media allows the brand to expose to the customers more frequently and is an effective way of engaging both new and existing customers.


  1. Be Inspired, ALWAYS!

Fashion is all about learning how to draw your inspiration from your surroundings on a daily basis. It requires you to constantly stepping out of our comfort zones and trying something different each time. Yeung believes that as a designer, you need to think outside the box and always try to find ways to keep yourself motivated.

Annette is inspired by her three daughters whom she named her brand after “ANnette”, “VEnus”, “GLOri” and “SAbrina.” Whenever she thinks about them, she is always motivated and inspired to give of her very best at all times.



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