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Where Real Hardware Startup Business Happens – Startup Launchpad

Where Real Hardware Startup Business Happens – Startup Launchpad

Startup Launchpad (SULP) is Asia’s largest hardware trade show that facilitates global distribution between startups and renowned online and offline retailers. The event showcases 300+ startups to more than 35,000 global buyers from 240 countries and regions. Held twice a year in Hong Kong – an international trade and sourcing hub – Startup Launchpad features a full-fledged conference program with more than 30 thought leaders covering topics from ideation to distribution, and from emerging trends to new innovations of the future.


Why is it good for startups?

Startups have access to 35,000 Global Buyers! 68% of startup exhibitors used Startup Launchpad to get access to over 35,000 global retailers from 127 markets. With the greatest variety of hardware to date, Startup Launchpad attracts quality buyers, distributors, and retailers to Hong Kong and offers unparalleled opportunities to break into any international market.

So close to Shenzhen, which is the manufacturing hub of the world, Startup Launchpad has a database of up to 6000+ manufacturers. Looking to reduce your manufacturing costs? There is no better place to identify, vet and establish new relationships with manufacturers who are eager to do business with hardware startups.


Why is it good for investors?

Use the event to meet with 300+ Startups and 250+ other investors and executives. Find new collaboration partners, and get a guided tour of the Startup Launchpad exhibition to see the latest innovative products.

The Startup Investors Forum is Asia’s premier platform for startup investors to share experiences, network, and discover new opportunities. It is an investor focused event, featuring investors for you to learn how others in your field work and get inspired, share ideas, find co-investment partners and network with the regions most experienced investors and industry experts.

The forum will explore the view from the top, in regards to what we should expect to see in the coming 12 – 18 months. Experts will examine the players in startup investment including local investment agencies and global firms, gain a better understanding of startup investment structures available, how to gain access to them and how to ensure that their strategies deliver the right level of exposure as well as acceptable returns.


Why is it good for buyers?

Startup Launchpad brings together the hottest new IoT, AI, smart home, robotics, 3D printing, wearables, VR/AR and other high-growth hardware startups. If you’re looking for latest shelf-ready innovations, Startup Launchpad is the show for you.

Connect to startups who have products ready to be distributed. Focusing on startups in the manufacturing and distribution phase means you get access to startups who you know will be around for years to come.

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