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The Ideal Place for Tech Startups – Startup Zone HKTDC 2018

The Ideal Place for Tech Startups – Startup Zone HKTDC 2018

HKTDC and BeFast.TV invite you to experience this year’s Startup Zone and witness all latest tech innovation in the world of Electronics.



– Mohan Belani, Co-founder and CEO at e27
– Tina Hsu, Sales Manager of Dreamlight
– Claus Moller Podenphant, Global Sales Manager & Partner at Frameo


About e27

e27 is your go-to platform for news, community, events, talent, funding and more. Everything you need to build a billion-dollar company. From the moment of inception, it was very clear to us we as e27 had set out to do: give every startup a winning chance. The “e” stands for entrepreneurs, the crazy bunch working towards groundbreaking innovations. They were inspired by Paul Graham’s “Why do not start a startup”, and with 27 being the median age of entrepreneurs. With the stars aligned and motivations in place, e27 was born in 2007 in Singapore.


About Dreamlight

Get better, more fulfilling sleep with the Dreamlight sleep mask. Getting deeper REM sleep combats stress and fatigue. It is easy to charge for up to eight hours, the Dreamlight is perfect for travel, whether resetting your sleep schedule or combatting jetlag. Through removing pressure from sensitive areas of the face we’ve arrived at the most comfortable sleep mask ever. Internal lights aid proven relaxation techniques, including leading the famous 4-7-8 breathing technique with Dreamlight’s soothing orange light. Track your sleep schedule with the cross-platform Dreamlight app. Link with your personal Gene Profile to get a tailored sleep schedule.


About Frameo

Frameo‘s primary focus in designing and developing innovative software solutions. With Frameo’s Social Photo Frame concept, the company has the vision to connect people in a new way, different from how the established social media services do. Frameo gives people the possibility to share good memories and everyday moments with their loved ones, where they emphasize “sharing” as two-dimensional. The act of capturing as well as sending moments to someone who are interested in them, but also the intimate sharing experience with others in the home when receiving a new photo on the photo frame standing at the shelf.


About HKTDC Startup Zone

The HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) is the world’s leading marketplace for consumer electronic products and technologies, at which worldwide industry players gather to share on and source for new products, innovative ideas and business opportunities. The Startup Zone returns in 2018 as an ideal platform for tech startups to get connected with manufacturing partners, suppliers, engineers, entrepreneurs and investors from around the world at the show. It is not only the stage for startups to gain exposure but also an ideal occasion to test and validate their ideas and products.


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