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The Rise of an AI Recruiter – Talkpush Part 1

The Rise of an AI Recruiter – Talkpush Part 1

You are a dynamic personality, you tried hard to polish your soft and hard skills, you are hungry for that job, you know you got this – yet you didn’t get the chance to be heard? At Talkpush there is no invisible wall between candidates and recruiters. How?

Step 1: Post your job and forward applicant emails to Talkpush

Step 2: The platform automatically contacts the candidate via SMS: Once a resume is sent, we contact the candidate via email and SMS, inviting them to answer your pre-recorded questions.

Step 3: The candidate Calls a local platform number and answers the questions

Step 4: Filter and review the candidate’s answers online. Allow multiple managers to review candidates and automate emails to rejected applicants.


Talkpush is a recruitment platform that leverages the power of messaging and social media. The solution consists of Stanley, a recruitment chatbot compatible with Facebook and WeChat, which conducts interviews and an application management tool, which allows recruiters to evaluate and hire candidates faster than ever before.

Max Armbruster co-founded an Applicant Tracking Software company in Singapore, he then sold his company and joined SAP, the enterprise software leader. In 2014, Max partnered with experts in web and voice technology and they released the first Talkpush prototype.

Location: Urban Serviced Offices, Central, Hong Kong
Speaker: Max Armbruster, CEO at TalkPush

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