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Marina bay

Marina BAY

Marina studied economics and international business both in Asia and Europe and decided to work in a vibrant and full of business activities city of Hong Kong. With a high level of energy and desire for new challenges, the city was the best fit. And what’s more – she found the startup community full of awesome people driven by dreams and anticipation of a big luck. Sounds like a place for Marina to stick around. Among her others interests are techno music, practicing the cello, traveling, sport, and fashion.


Jenny Biani

Jennie BIANI

Jennie is a chief marketing officer with a master degree in philology as well as a background in journalism. After 4 years of working with top fashion brands across the whole Asia, she chose to stay in Hong Kong, the place that very much has a motto “work hard/play hard”. Outside of work, Jennie loves art, yoga, travelling, music, books and things that are impossible.


Woody Wu

Woody WU

Woody cut his teeth producing corporate and digital marketing videos in Hong Kong’s one of the best production houses. As Video Director of BeFast.TV, he brings all his talent and skills to spread your name and stories worldwide.

Hailing from Yunnan, one of the most beautiful province in Mainland China, Woody speaks Mandarin, English and Cantonese.

In his spare time, Woody loves watching movies, listening to old-school musics and playing the piano.


Victoria Carmena

Victoria CARMENA

Victoria’s work for BeFast.TV spans marketing, video journalism and translation. Having spent the majority of her life in Hong Kong, but with roots in France and Spain, she loves meeting and interacting with people of all cultures and backgrounds, and is blessed to speak English, French and Spanish.

Away from work, Victoria is passionate about the theatre, photography, modeling, clarinet and kickboxing.



Philip is a BeFast.TV’s brand ambassador based in New York. He is building a team of people in their early teens, to interview young founders, VC’s, and investors in the New York area.  He has always been interested in business and film making. Among other hobbies he likes to play soccer and basketball, to travel the world, and one of the most favorite is probably to play video games. He admits that he doesn’t get along that well with reading books but surprisingly currently he enjoys reading “The Maze Runner” by James Dashner because of its great dystopian story line.


Alina Bayron


Alina is BeFast.TV’s Regional Correspondent based in Helsinki, Finland. By trade, she is a Software Programmer, and her passion is to code. Among her current projects, you can find the latest called Omnybit. Alina loves photography and videography, curious about new trends in the technology sector. Aside from work, she is an active social media user, loves to Snapchat and post pictures on Instagram.


Joey Hu

Joey HU

Joey graduated from film school in Hong Kong, concentrating in creative animation, photography, and videography at BeFast.TV. She keeps practicing multimedia storytelling skills during the works and believes one day it would make perfect. Joey speaks Mandarin, Cantonese, and English; her work is part of her interests, she also enjoys watching films, playing guitar and basketball.