Meet our International Team

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 San Francisco Stars

Marina bay

Marina BAY

Marina has interviewed celebrity clients, billionaires and bestselling authors including Steve Blank, Robert Scoble, Saeed Amidi (Plug&Play), major VCs in the SEA and Silicon Valley. Together with the team at BeFast.TV she created over 300 video interviews and documentaries about tech startup founders and entrepreneurs across the South-East Asia, China and California, USA. Marina and her team help entrepreneurs get attention, shiny spotlight, get to be found, seen and heard through any device, anytime and anywhere. They create for them awareness, amplify digital presence, make them in-demand speakers and influencers, get them more revenues and sales.


Ekaterina BILDINA

Graduated with Master’s degree in chemical engineering in Moscow. Had been living in Austria and Montenegro and then moved to United States (in pursuit of new horizons:)). Due to diverse work experience in such fields as procurement, logistics, marketing and product management, customer service, general management business assistance she came up with idea and desire to bring her view in entrepreneurship and development startups. Passionate about newest technologies, design, art and fashion. Love to meet new people. Besides her native Russian language also speaks English and even bit of German and Chinese.


Leo Yu

Leo YU

Leo is originally from the Taipei, Taiwan, with passion for creating the new content video and building social media. He has previous experience organizing a Fulong International Sand Sculpture Art Festival and international dance festival event in Taiwan. Now Leo focused on video production and live streaming video production work. Leo always has a crazy ideas put in the video-making, which makes the end-product fun and interactive for the viewers.


 Hong Kong Stars


Hector is originally from the Philippines but have been living in Hong Kong for around 23 years and has a bachelor degree in Multimedia Art major in advertising.

Matthieu LEULIER

Matt is a writer, musician and producer (music & TV). Passionate about entrepreneurship, self-development, management, music and video production, he likes to try new things and to develop new business opportunities.



Athina is BeFast.TV’s Digital Goddess. A Greek-born and Hong Kong-brought growth hacker with duties covering all online and offline Marketing activities across all BeFast.TV projects, creative direction, strategic business development, partnerships and sponsorships and occasionally video anchoring. A bit of a workaholic but she is also an avid video-gamer, a professional volleyball player and a snapchat addict.



Gloria moved to Hong Kong in 2016 from South Africa, to pursue a master degree in journalism at the University of Hong Kong. Her passion for journalism stems largely from her love for talking with and listening to people. A part from journalism, Gloria loves fashion, travelling, reading and writing stories. Her dream is to own a production company in her home town.



Being one of the video crews in BeFast, Jacky is also a musician and sound technician. He likes to explore different opportunities such as multi-media production. His dream is to tour around the world with his band.

 Manila Stars


Ivanna PACIS

I’m Ivanna Pacis, a Broadcast Communication graduate and a part-time runway & commercial model. I am currently the VJ and Head of the Philippines chapter . I love hosting and engaging people into meaningful conversations. I enjoy meeting new people inside the startup community and learning more about their businesses. Aside from that, I will also be launching a new online clothing line soon specifically for working girls and plus-sized women. Fun fact about me: I’m obsessed with the series, Friends and hating on raisins since birth.



Andrew is one of the BeFast.TV kick-ass video editors. He is very passionate about arts, film making and music production.



Jovel is a badass video editor for Befast.TV in the Philippines. He loves making films and taking pictures.

 Global Correspondents

Alina Bayron


Alina is BeFast.TV’s Regional Correspondent based in Helsinki, Finland. By trade, she is a Software Programmer, and her passion is to code. Among her current projects, you can find the latest called Omnybit. Alina loves photography and videography, curious about new trends in the technology sector. Aside from work, she is an active social media user, loves to Snapchat and post pictures on Instagram.



Philip is a BeFast.TV’s brand ambassador based in New York. He is building a team of people in their early teens, to interview young founders, VC’s, and investors in the New York area.  He has always been interested in business and film making. Among other hobbies he likes to play soccer and basketball, to travel the world, and one of the most favorite is probably to play video games. He admits that he doesn’t get along that well with reading books but surprisingly currently he enjoys reading “The Maze Runner” by James Dashner because of its great dystopian story line.



Jason is BeFast.TV’s Regional Correspondent based in Los Angeles, CA. Jason is a Product Manager by trade who is passionate about the possibilities of new, emerging technologies. Jason is a world traveler having lived in Shanghai China, Heidelberg Germany, and Salamanca Spain. Jason loves being a part of the Entrepreneurial Community as well as seeking out adventure by partaking in bungee jumping, skydiving, snowboarding, and whatever else boosts his adrenaline.