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It’s Coming! ‘Tis The Year of Big Game Changers in Asia … – Tech Morning, Asia!

It’s Coming! ‘Tis The Year of Big Game Changers in Asia … – Tech Morning, Asia!

Tech Morning, Asia! Immerse into Asia’s craziest inventions, innovations and tech celebrities that are changing the world as we know it!

Welcome to our BeFast.TV Original Live Tech News Show, designed to deliver top tech news from Asia’s top innovation hubs to your computer screens in the morning before heading off to work.

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In Today’s Episode …


Top Hot Picks – Asia’s startups are catching fire bringing new big game changers in the global tech scene

On this week’s episode, we discuss the latest happenings from fresh and dynamic startups from all across Asia and explore how they are putting their creative minds to the test. So let’s get started. Asia is buzzing! This year is definitely the year for big game changers and here’s why:

  • E-Commerce Startup, Zilingo, just raised an incredible US$225 M in series D funding
  • Indonesian online car platform, BeliMobilGue, just secured US$10 M Series A funding led by Frontier Car Group
  • Vietnamese logistics startup, Logivan, raised US$5.5 M from angel investors and venture capital firms
  • Yuanfudao, China’s second largest online education unicorn by valuation, bagged US$300 M in late December

It certainly seems that Asia’s innovation spree is not slowing down and it will continue to grow massively in the next few years. What’s your take on this? Let us know in the comments below what you think of the future of Asia-based startups.


Why startups should care about being profitable and getting in touch with the right people at Innov8 Demo Day

Next week, The Technological and Higher Institute of Hong Kong will be hosting a special Demo Day called Innov8 Enterprise, which will be targeted at all startups interested in meeting investors, entrepreneurs, mentors and more.

The mastermind behind Innova8 Demo Day is Cyron Chan, the organizer of Startup Weekend – an online platform where developers, designers, marketers, product managers, and startup enthusiasts come together to share ideas, form teams, build products and launch startups.

With the Demo Day only taking place next week, we have invited Cyron to our studios so you can hear what the “man of the moment” has to say about Innov8 and to share what the initial idea was behind this great event.

Until Next Time! Tune In for the Next Episode. 



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