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What Makes A Startup Investible? – Tech Morning, Asia

What Makes A Startup Investible? – Tech Morning, Asia

Tech Morning, Asia! Immerse into Asia’s craziest inventions, innovations and tech celebrities that are changing the world as we know it!

Welcome to our BeFast.TV Original Live Tech News Show, designed to deliver top tech news from Asia’s top innovation hubs to your computer screens in the morning before heading off to work.

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In Today’s Episode …


Find out about the hottest startups from Asia that are shaking things up in this weeks top selection

Asia’s startup ecosystem just keeps getting better and bigger by the minute. Here are some of the exciting startups that are doing great things:

  • SilverPush, a marketing tech startup, has just banked US$5 Million in Series B Funding, led by a global marketing technology company, Freakout Holdings, in Japan.
  • See-mode, the new Med Tech star, has secured US$1 Million in funding from Cocoon Capital.

Things just keep looking up in the startup ecosystem and we would have it no other way. So let us know which startup caught your attention in the comments below


Colorful drinks, passionate startups, and successful entrepreneurs – Everything that took place at Innov8 Demo Day

Innov8 Demo Day was filled was filled with a wide variety of different entrepreneurs and founders here in Hong Kong. It consisted of three startup pitchers that pitched their souls out which were YMDH, Utopia Solutions and Upcyco.co. The event also featured a panel discussion with founders as well as another panel talk that accommodated investors.

We got to ask investors about the key elements that they look for in startups before they invest AND we also got to find out from the pitchers what inspired the creation of their business.

Special Guests:

– Kelvin Hung, Co-Founder | Administrative & Executive Director of Utopia Solution (HK) Company Limited
– Gene Soo, Managing Partner of Dimsum Ventures | Co-Founder of StartupsHK
– Wesley Ng, CEO & Co-Founder of Casetify

Take a look and let us know in the comments below; what is important for you to scale a business and what makes startup investible?

Until Next Time! Tune In for the Next Episode. 



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