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When Startups Meet Venture Capitalists – Tech Morning, Asia

When Startups Meet Venture Capitalists – Tech Morning, Asia

Tech Morning, Asia! Immerse into Asia’s craziest inventions, innovations and tech celebrities and startups that are changing the world as we know it!

Welcome to our BeFast.TV Original Live Tech News Show, designed to deliver top tech news from Asia’s top innovation hubs to your computer screens in the morning before heading off to work.

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In Today’s Episode …


Find out which startup hits the jackpot by becoming a unicorn.

It comes as no surprise that here in Asia, startups are constantly creating hype and this is why:

  • AI gamification fitness app publisher, OliveX, secures US$1M investment.
  • P2P lending fintech Validus closes over US$15.2M Series B funding.
  • Lalamove raises $300M for Asia growth.

There you have it guys. Our hot picks of the week! Which startup is your favorite and why? Let us know in the comments below.


We take a look inside the event that answers most of the questions that founders seek to know when looking to raise capital.

When we talk about startups, one of the first topics that rise is “money”, how to raise it and how to go about looking for the right people to help raise capital. But not very often do young or even older entrepreneurs have the slightest clue on what investors look at when evaluating a founder or startup.


When Startups Meet Venture Capitalists is an event hosted by Rookie Fund

Rookie Fund is an investment fund that specializes in student entrepreneurship projects. This event seeks to answer some of the questions that founders often ask when it comes to investors such as how investors negotiate a time sheet, how entrepreneurs pitch their ideas and successfully fundraise for the right VCs and more.

Special Guests:

– Jeffrey Wu, Senior Associate at Mindworks
– Yina Chan, Associate Director at Saltagen Ventures

Take a look and let us know what your thoughts are in the comments below.


The top two tech events that you need to mark in your diary this March.

Here are the top tech events that you need to add to your calendar this March:


Hong Kong Blockchain Week by NexChange on 4-8 March

A 4-day event held at the Asia World-Expo and will feature over 3000 delegates coming from 50 different parts of the world, 120 guest speakers, 150 investors and sooooo much more. Set to be the largest blockchain event in Hong Kong, the global blockchain community will converge onto Hong Kong to discuss the latest developments and insights into the ever-evolving, real-world applications of blockchain technology. With Hong Kong being the ‘Gateway to China’, ‘Asia’s World City’, Hong Kong is well positioned to be a leading international blockchain hub. Hong Kong Blockchain Week continues to play an important role in this endeavour.


Zeroth.AI #Z04 Demo Day on 5th March

This will be the biggest startup event Zeroth has held since they started our accelerator program. They have invested in 30 companies across three different locations in Asia in their latest cohort. Unlike in years past, this time they will be holding Demo Day events in three different locations in Asia. It will all be kicked off with the biggest Demo Day they’re ever held in Hong Kong to date, followed their inaugural events in Bangalore, and Tokyo.

For all those young startups and investors out there who feel will benefit from this demo day, the event will take place March 5 and for one day only from 5:30PM – 8:30PM at the Hong Kong Exhibition Centre.

We really want to hear from you guys about the events that caught your attention, so let us know if you are planning tregisterng for any down the comments below.



Until Next Time! Tune In for the Next Episode. 



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