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US$21.4M Series B Funding – Tech Morning, Asia

US$21.4M Series B Funding – Tech Morning, Asia

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Funding rounds equip your business with enough capital to move to the next stage – Here are this week’s top hot picks

When looking for funding as a startup, each funding round is designed to give entrepreneurs and their business babies enough capital to get to the next milestone or stage. Here is a look at some of the latest funding success stories around Asia:

  • AnyMind Group closes Series B funding with a total of US$21.4M
  • Regulatory tech company Tookitaki raises US$7.5M in Series A funding round
  • Cambodia-grown VC firm, Ooctane, secures US$55M from country’s logistics giant.

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Clear your schedules and find out what the last week of March has in store for you

No plans for the weekend yet? Don’t worry! Here in Hong Kong you’ll find the best tech and innovation events taking place in the coming week. Make the most of that sweet, downtime with our pick of the top Hong Kong tech conferences…


Hong Kong FinTech Whitepaper Launch 2019

Hong Kong’s first big FinTech application was launched in 1997 called, The Octopus Card – This little card in that I’m holding here in in my hand. It is a stored value smart card which was originally introduced for the electronic payment of Mass Transit Railway (MTR) journeys, but nowadays it can be used to purchase things goods at the grocery store, pay for meals and more.

Since then, Hong Kong is indisputably one of Asia’s biggest and most important financial services hubs with about 220,000 people being employed in the sector that contributes 18% to Hong Kong’s GDP. If you want to learn about Hong Kong’s Fintech ecosystem, then the FinTech Whitepaper Launch 2019 is where you need to be.  Taking place on the 27 March in Sheung Wan, come and learn more about the most impactful startups, investors, regulations, and other key players of the Hong Kong FinTech ecosystem.


Facial Recognition Machine Learning for Retail

When one thinks of Facial recognition, security and safety measures come to mind. But the technology could also revolutionize the way shops operate. This integrated system has the potential to increase customer satisfaction and improve staff management.

If you are in the retail sector or just professionals with an interest in pursuing careers in the field of Machine Learning and would love to understand how machine learning can improve your industry, then the Facial recognition & Machine Learning for Retail is just for you. Make your way to The Desk co-working space in Causeway Bay on the 26 March and find out how Machine Learning has the potential to make your business more effective.

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