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US$1M dApp Accelerator Program to Beat Blockchain Competitors – Tech Morning, Asia 3

US$1M dApp Accelerator Program to Beat Blockchain Competitors – Tech Morning, Asia 3

Tech Morning, Asia! Immerse into Asia’s craziest inventions, innovations and tech celebrities that are changing the world as we know it!

Welcome to our BeFast.TV Original Live Tech News Show, designed to deliver top tech news from Asia’s top innovation hubs to your computer screens in the morning before heading off to work.

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In Today’s Episode …


Richard Branson’s own Version of The Apprentice for Startups on His very own Necker Island

The Extreme Tech Challenge is a startup competition the participants of which have a chance to pitch and be judged by Sir Richard Branson…and also exhibit at the largest tech trade show in the world  – Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas! What are the cool brands to be promoted next to CES and Richard Branson! Well, the Extreme Tech Challenge is almost about this visibility, startup empowering and experience that no money can buy!

The TOP 10 of the XTC competition and among them, guess who? We as your news reporters from Asia are proud to announce that finalist is a startup from Bangkok, Thailand named “Last of Ours”. Last of Ours is a game built on blockchain technology with its own token economy. Each token represents a real endangered animal living in the wild, and a user of this game platform buys her token using crypto (in this case – Ether) and by doing so she contributes to the wild animals’ survival and gets a digital animal avatar to play with inside the game. Each token is collectible and tradable. The gamified platform itself was built with the goal to build awareness, create engagements, and raise funds for these endangered animals.

It has been already announced that the startup from Thailand will be joining the other semifinalists at the CES stage in January in Las Vegas. And if they can make it to the TOP 3, they will be meeting Sir Richard Branson on his own Necker Island in April 2019. I think it’s pretty awesome, isn’t! Anyway, we are hoping that the contest will be fair and only the best of the best wins the final trophies and make this world a better place.. With the help of Sir Richard Branson of course…


Launching US$1M dApp Accelerator Program that Beats Blockchain Counterparts

dApp is a decentralized App, like an android App or iOS app BUT built on available public blockchains, like on Ethereum, EOS and Stellar – these are the most popular ones perhaps till recently!

There is a blockchain protocol called TRON, founded by Justin Sun, 28 years old, the First Millennial Graduate of Hupan University Founded By Jack Ma of Alibaba. It’s among top 10 crypto blockchain technologies but now in order to beat the bloodbath competition it offers decentralized App developers an Accelerator program where they can build, launch, and scale a product faster and more efficient using TRON blockchain protocols.

The TRON Accelerator will award $1M, split up between 56 winning projects. The programme accepts submissions till the end of the year, and will announce the winners at the platform’s first international summit, niTRON, in January 2019 San Francisco. So, guys, don’t miss your chance and apply now!


13 Startups Flying to Hong Kong for Brinc Investor Demo Day 2018

13 carefully selected startups from 8 different countries were brought to Hong Kong by Brinc Accelerator for an exclusive Investor Demo Day!

Brinc is a organization with the base in Hong Kong, that helps IoT and hardware startups to accelerate and become successful businesses faster. As startup incubator, Brinc runs its regular Demo Day where they show off the most successful and promising tenants in front of invited investors and other interested stakeholders.

We are at BeFast, of course, took a chance to visit Brinc’s Investor Demo Day here in Hong Kong and get an inside look of what’s new in the hardware startup ecosystem of Hong Kong. We also got an exclusive glimpse of the latest groundbreaking technologies in agriculture, automobiles, augmented reality and much more!


Why Entrepreneurs Leave Singapore for Hong Kong to Build Businesses

It should come as no surprise that Hong Kong is the ideal place to do business. Hong Kong is a home to a growing number of startup businesses in multiple areas such as fintech, retail tech, healthtech, IoT, smart city technologies and many more.

Joash Lee, co-founder of Square Ark a mobile app platform that connects retailers with re-sellers to promote and drive sales on social media, tells us all about his journey to bringing his business to Hong Kong and shares his advice to all of you international startups out there who want to branch out to Asia.

What do you think? Would you bring your business to Hong Kong? Let us know in the comments below.


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