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Innovate or Die: Tech Talks with Luxury Brands – Kering Group

Innovate or Die: Tech Talks with Luxury Brands – Kering Group

Behind the Kering Group, there are brands like Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent. Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga, Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, Puma and more.

Charlotte Judet, Communication Director at Kering Asia Pacific Limited, is sharing her thoughts about ‘tech meets luxury’ with Anson Bailey at the Luxury Symposium organized by French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Hong Kong and KPMG China

Anson: We here at the Luxury Symposium organized by the French Chamber, we are at KPMG Hyson Place. And I’m here with one of the organizing committee members, Charlotte Judet, Communications Director at Kering. Charlotte, good evening, how are you? I’m fine, thank you. Great to see you.

What were some of the key takeaways from this afternoon’s conference?

Charlotte: So I’m going to maybe recap some buzzwords: singularity, exclusivity, distinctiveness, storytelling and innovate or die.

Anson: Charlotte, how about some advice for the retailers outside in the marketplace, what would be your words of advice to them?

Charlotte: Well, I think storytelling is very important. Everything starts with content. It’s a story about the brand, story about the products, the value that you can convey through the story; and then it’s a question of how you want to distribute, activate especially in China ‘activation’ is key. Also, it’s very important how we can localize the experience because, again, we have to make sure that the global brands are resonating with local expectations.

Anson: Becoming glocal, and Charlotte, how important are these new technologies and how important is innovation?

Charlotte: I think innovation is across the board. And it’s not just the products, for example, think about sustainability, it is also a way to innovate and make sure the products are ‘impactless’. Or innovation can be in creativity when it comes to luxury brands. This is very important. We are a trendsetter. So innovation is in our DNA. Next, I think innovation is also Retail – the way how our selling assistant and our retail teams can convey this story. Make sure that the story is both innovating and meets the expectations of the millennials. The fact: millennials represent nearly 60 percent of some of our biggest brands. They are a key category of customers.

Anson: And how about technology because we’re hearing more and more about how technology is disrupting traditional retailers. It’s disrupting the bricks and mortar stores. How about this from your point of view?

Charlotte:  Well, I think it’s a question of having a big picture, strategy and prioritization. Plus, it depends on the maturity of the brands. But it’s worth to have this vision right now so you can leverage technology and adapt it to your brand.

Anson: And if you look at some interesting new technologies, you know, if we look into the future crystal ball gazing is it all going to be about VR, AR or AI?

Charlotte: Well, look at GUCCI, what they are doing – it’s just amazing. And, again it’s not just the techniques or the tools, it’s the way technology and innovations, in case of GUCCI it’s 360, across the brand.

Anson: Ladies and gentlemen, some great insights there. Charlotte Judet, Communications Director at Kering. Thanks very much! Signing off here at the Luxury Symposium with the BeFast.TV. Thank you.


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Event: The French Chamber Luxury Symposium 2nd edition, 2017
Location: KPMG, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Speaker: Charlotte Judet, Kering Asia Pacific
Video Journalist: Anson Bailey (Special correspondent from KPMG)

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