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The Seeds Of Our Future 2018: Innovating Global AgTech Conference

The Seeds Of Our Future 2018: Innovating Global AgTech Conference

Watch a recap of “Seeds of Our Future” Agtech Conference that was broadcasted LIVE on August 30th, 2018. You will learn from the following panel discussions and keynotes about agriculture and farming innovations, and how countries can work together to build towards a sustainable, scalable future for everyone.



0:00 – 0:4:00  Opening Remarks


Denyse Cardozo, CEO of Silicon Valley Forum

0:4:00 – 0:23:19




Karen Ross, Secretary of the California Department of Food and Agriculture


Learn from Karen about the role of policy and the signal policies send to the marketplaces and the practitioners in the field


0:24:03-  0:43:00  Speed Talk: Blockchain and IoT in Taiwan’s Agricultural Sector


James Huang, OBOOK Inc.


Learn why use blockchain technology in farming business, at what stage the technology has been implemented so far in Taiwan, the details about putting cold-chain logistics data on-chain, user case, ie OwlChain


0:43:15 -1:21:51 


Panel Discussion: How Can NZ Agritech Feed the World



  • Peter Wren Hilton, Executive Director, Agritech New Zealand
  • Nicky Molloy, Business Innovation Adviser – Agritech, Callaghan Innovation
  • Toni Laming, CEO of Blinc Innovation
  • Tim Groser, New Zealand Ambassador to the US


Learn more about essential information about the current state of New Zealand agriculture industry


1:22:42 – 1:36:22 Speed Talk: The Future of Automated Farming Speaker: Juan Bravo, Founder and CEO, AgroBot Learn more about the market of Agricultural robots, and the AgroBot’s key technology
1:36:46 – 1:44:31 Speed Talk: Mexico’s Innovations in AgTech


Speaker: Luis Ramón Marin Barrera, Strategic Projects Director at the Capitalization and Investment Fund for the Rural Sector of Mexico (FOCIR)


Learn more about the Fund, what its portfolio, and what innovative approaches the fund uses while choosing its next portfolio company.
1:45:10 – 2:26:12 Panel Discussion: The Agricultural Landscape in Japan



– Ed Noma, Advantiv Ag
– Kenta Yasukawa, Soracom
– Nolan Paul, Driscoll’s
– Toshi Kimura, Yamaha Motor Ventures
– Mod: Karl Kerksiek, Finistere Ventures


Learn more how AgTech looks like in Japan from growers, manufactures, investors points of view.
2:27:53 – 2:35:15 Speed Talk:

Introduction to DroneSprout

Speaker: Sarah E. DiCicco, Vice President, DroneSprout


Learn more about DroneSprout – a service provider for agricultural farmers by using unmanned aerial applications (drones).
2:35:48 – 3:03:30 Keynote with Finistere Ventures: Farm 2050 Investment Research


Speaker: Arama Kukutai, Co-Founder Finistere Ventures


Learn more investment side and trends in AgTech
3:03:54 – 3:17:08 Quick Talk: Watermelon Harvesting and Labor Robotics on the Farm


Speaker: Danny Royer, VP of Tech, Bowles Farm Company


Learn more details of watermelon harvesting
3:17:13 – 3:28:03 Quick Talk: 

Tropical Corps Industry and Applications in New Technology

Speaker: Ricardo Jaramillo, Co-Founder, Agrofuturo


Learn why Columbia and South America play a big role in AgTech
3:30:35 – 3:48:15 Speed Talk: Innovations in the Meat Alternative Revolution


Speaker: Dr. Allison Berke, The Good Food Institute


Learn more about clean plant-based meat and sustainable food systems in general.
3:48:36 – 4:05:05 Keynote: The Blockchain of Food – Improving the Food Supply Chain


Speaker: Raja Ramachandran, Founder, Ripe.io


Learn how blockchain can improve the food supply chain
4:06:12 – 4:43:08 Panel Discussion: Agro Processing & Entrepreneurship: The Path Towards Economic Security for India’s Farmers



– Moderator: Thea Uppal, US-India Business Council
– Ambassador Venkatesan Ashok, Consul General of India, San Francisco
– Shally Shanker, AIIM Partners


Learn more about increased economic security for Indian farmers and how to double their income by 2020, and the partnership between US and India in terms of Ag businesses.
4:43:33 – 5:16:43 Panel Discussion, Chile: Extending Shelf Life of Agricultural Products



– Patricia Hansen, InvestChile,

– Sofia Ramirez Calvo, Liventus Global,

– Gonzalo Fuenzalida, Andes Ag


Learn more about Chilean agricultural companies, what are their technologies and what opportunities for collaboration.
5:17:16 – 5:41:29 Closing Keynote


Speaker: Prakash Iyer, SVP Trimble


Learn more about Trimble company, what are their technologies and solution for Agriculture and Food industry.


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