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Top 9 Video Types that Are A-Must In your Content Marketing


Top 9 Video Types that Are A-Must In your Content Marketing

Author: Gloria Mopotu


Video remains the leading and most important medium today. According to “Envato BLOG”, it is estimated that content delivery network will deliver over half of all internet video traffic by 2019 and having seen popular social media platforms, like Instagram and Snapchat, gain overwhelming traction simply by creating videos, it is no surprise that video is the top avenue for higher lead reach, customer engagement and if you play your video marketing right, get those sales coming your way.



Types of Videos

#1 Short Film Video

Short film videos will become the future of video marketing and because are more and more consumers are consuming their video entertainment online, marketers are using videos to engage social media audiences.


#2 Livestream

Livestreaming video over social media is becoming an immensely popular tool for cheap and easy small business advertising and large businesses too. You can activate and engage your online community (either on Twitter, Facebook, Telegram) by providing them content from your conference or launch event through professional video streaming. During the streaming your audience can comment and chat with each other or even ask questions directly to your speakers.

It has been proven already that people who cannot attend your event physically appreciate your efforts and care of organizing the livestream, where they still can enjoy the speakers’ presentations and discussion about Crypto or ICOs for example.

So, by setting up the Virtual version of your physical event you get more leads and better engagement, greater brand awareness and most importantly you get an instant and shareable content (no need to wait any edited clips anymore).


#3 GIFs

GIFs are so prevalent today that many businesses, politicians, and even film studios, work with Giphy to create relevant GIFs for their brand. Posts os social media that contain GIFs can increase engagement and conversion rates.



#4 Videos for Advertisement

Internet marketing and advertising with 2-3 minute short videos or 5-10 documentary/movie style videos about a particular topic in order to advertise a product, service, upcoming launch or brand story. The videos are then uploaded to different sharing websites such as YouTube to promote and distribute content.

It is very important for you to know your audience as well as your brand very well in order to express your goals creatively in a video story. Thus, you have to have a Plan and attend to details of your video marketing as you should go for quality.

When creating a video advertisement, you should focus on a story not the item/service because people need to feel connected with you and be able to relate themselves to the experience you provide to them. Make sure what you show them or what you want to promote is something of use to your viewers so to avoid making them feel they wasted their time. That is why you should make them fun or give your audience a good cry to make them feel something after watching your video. Those feelings will reinforce the image and the memory of your brand in their minds.

Finally, while you want to promote your company, it is essential that your video contains only subtle mentions and features of your logo and name. We live in an era when viewers are well educated and well aware of the advertisement disturbances, hence, you have to integrate seamlessly your video advertisement into their usual sources of engagement without bombarding them with self-promotion. Here are some of the most successful examples of video ads.


Example 1: KENZO Fragrance Promotion Video


Example 2: Lacoste Brand Video


#5 Documentary

Documentaries are so compelling because it captivates the audience by using captivating stories by delivering the story through one of the most powerful marketing engines “video”.


#6 Interview Video

Interview videos are the most traditional form of video content when it comes to getting your views out in the public. Interviews can be interactive between the video anchor and the interviewee or it can only be focused on the interviewee’s storytelling.


#7 Crowdfunding Campaign Video

Crowdfunding is very cost-efficient for startups to raise money and validate their product idea with real audiences. However, it is critical that you attract your market to watch your campaign video first, isn’t it? It is not enough to be in front of the camera and pitch your business to your viewers. It also not enough to showcase your product with its features and expect people to be naturally interested in backing it up. You have to be more creative and more engaging with your viewers. Here are some examples to get an idea for your next campaign.


Example 1: Naadam “The World’s Fairest Cashmere” campaign


Example 2: Exploding Kittens Card Game campaign


#8 Trailer Video

They are memorable, unexpected and incomplete. A trailer’s primary purpose is to pull audiences into a storyline that keeps them wanting more. You might think that this is not really applicable to you and your business, however, the marketing scene has changed dramatically nowadays and you have to be unique and most importantly very memorable.

You might be creating a short show as a part of your upcoming project campaigns or you want to stand out from the crowd and make a movie about your company, well… either way, you will need to make a trailer or a quick teaser to not only inform your audiences about what is coming up but also hook them into coming back and watching your film or campaign series episodes.


#9 Opening Credits Video

Be it a tv show, a movie or a company short episode series… they all need to have an opening, the main body and an ending. How you show the opening credits in your video can be done in multiple ways to lure in your viewers as well as properly promote the people involved in the making of such project. Here are some example of memorable opening credits videos.


Example 1: ANTM Show Opening Credits video


Example 2: Game of Thrones Show Opening Credits video




Why Does Video Marketing Work?

Video has become one of the most important driving forces when it comes to content marketing. Reasons for this are simple, modern customers want to see the product in action as opposed to just still images. Video marketing can capture a wide audience, and it works on many levels.

According to Trends and Insights, statistics have shown that not only does video marketing help to promote your product but it also informative and educating, allows businesses to stay competitive, increases traffic on your website and more.

Video is an engaging and adaptable visual source that allows companies to showcase their products or service across a wide range of platforms. Customers prefer this new form of marketing as it is entertaining, straight to the point and therefore easy to digest. Markets also like because it has the potential to give a big return on investment (ROI) through multiple channels.

The reasons, along with hundreds more, are why video content should be included in your marketing plan for the new year is a simple one to answer. As video content becomes increasingly more affordable and accessible, it’s critical for brands to create emotionally charged videos to accompany their other marketing initiatives.



For all those businesses that have not yet stepped into video marketing, what are you waiting for? You will need to embrace videos in your content marketing if you want to keep up with the competition.


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