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Why VCs Should Have The “Humanist” Approach – GGV Capital

Why VCs Should Have The “Humanist” Approach – GGV Capital

GGV Capital is focused on technology markets with the aim to bridge a gap between early stage funding and pre-IPL. Managing partner, Hans Tung believes what sets GGV apart from existing funding companies is the fact that GGV Capital has a global view primarily focused on three specific sectors being; Consumer, Enterprise SAS and Frontier Tech which is anything to do with hardware, software and services. As a “humanist” VC, GGV Capital have a patient approach on things “We look for a historical trend, things that could potentially be big over time” said Tung.

GGV Capital was founded with the unique idea to have a single team operating in both China and the U.S. These two locations give GGV team a truly global perspective. With $3.8 billion under management across eight funds, GGV Capital has been successfully partnering with leading technology entrepreneurs in the US and China for more than 17 years. The greatest measure of our success is that of our portfolio companies, with 29 IPOs since inception. The culmination of this is 17 years of experience identifying the next big trends in tech, internet, mobile, hardware, cloud and SaaS in the world’s two largest tech markets.


Hans Tung started his career at Merrill Lynch as an investment banker focused on the technology sector. He received his B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Stanford University. Hans was one of the earliest investors in, and a former board member of, Xiaomi. At GGV, he has backed several Xiaomi IoT ecosystem companies, e.g. Smartmi (air purifiers and other smart home appliances), Zimi (mobile wifi devices), 1More (headphones), and other IoT companies including Misfit, maker of wearable and smart home products, which was acquired by Fossil. Hans has been ranked as a top VC on the Forbes Midas list since 2013 and was recognized by The Founder and CBN News magazines in the past as a Top 10 most entrepreneur-friendly VC in China.


Location: San Francisco
Speaker: Hans Tung, Managing Partner at GGV Capital Silicon Valley


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