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How and When to Use Videos On Social Media

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How and When to Use Videos On Social Media

As more and more people start to shift their focus from TV to the Internet, it is extremely important that businesses start not only to maintain but also skyrocket their presence online. One of the best ways to get immediate recognition is through social media platforms. With the creation of videos for social media, what better way to engage with the audience and make your brand known to the world?




Which Social Media Platform Should You Use?

This is one of the best mediums for videos. Once you have uploaded your video then you can easily link the video to your site as well as other sites like Facebook.


When it comes to video content marketing on social media, Facebook is king. With more active users than any other social media platform, Facebook users watch more than 4 million videos per day. A fairly new app, Facebook Stories are made up of visual content in video or slideshow format. They’re created on your smartphone camera and last about 20 seconds. Facebook stories come packed with text, filters and stickers. Adding the right elements to your story, from location-specific tags to unique images, boosts engagement.

Instagram boasts 800 million monthly and 500 daily active users. Marketers have recognized the power and potential of the platform. which is why many brands are already actively and regularly posting on Instagram. The best way to understand marketing on Instagram is by posting the right type of video at the right time. If you get this part right, consumers will usually engage without so long as you’re not regularly delivering a hard pitch.

On Instagram, you have to showcase your product/service in a creative way by sharing video or creating video advertising. Video ads appear in between the Instagram organic feed and have a high view rate. Instagram is an effective social media marketing channels for SMEs.

These stories are temporary 10-second picture/video clips placed at the top of the Instagram feed. There are various things you can do with Instagram stories like, offer exclusive content, show behind the scenes, showcasing the product in action, show a countdown to launch event or ask influencers to contribute.


Since the inception of Snapchat, it has brought many innovative features, which gave rise to social media trends that are changing the digital marketing dynamics. Snapchat provides its user’s direct access to live event as it is a real-time social media-marketing platform. There are a lot of ways to use Snapchat for marketing. Its inventive features such as filters, text, bitemojis, and geofilters, tend to create huge engagement.

Brands can use Snapchat to record videos of launch, events, trade shows, musical events, social event, etc. You can also showcase some private or behind the scene content to provide something unique to Snapchat followers.



Which Social Media Platforms Are Used In China? 

This is Chinese first search engine that enables users to search just about anything. Compared to as the Google of China, Baidu is a great platform to market video as almost 75% of the Chinese population use it as their main search engines.


WeChat is really the undisputed king of marketing platforms in China with over 850 million active monthly users. There are many different avenues to consider on what can be thought of as the “Facebook of China”.


Weibo is “China’s Twitter”, the name literally translates as “microblog”. It has not been beset by the same issues that Twitter has with many different revenue streams. There are a host of campaigns that can be run on this very “brand-friendly platform”.


Zhihu is China’s “Quora”, it is a very popular Q&A forum with 70 million active users. It is great for more niche industries. On this platform, you can use images, hyperlinks, embedded videos and GIF animations.



When Are The Best Times to Post On Social Media?


  • Best Days – Saturday, Thursday, Friday & Sunday
  • Best Times – 9am, 1pm, 3pm

Tips: Posting at 3pm will get you most clicks while 1pm will get you the most shares. You can also use Facebook analytics and fan page Karma to track your data and see when your audience is online.


  • Best Days – Monday & Thursday
  • Best Times – 2am, 8-9am, 5pm

Tips: Posting a video on Instagram gets about 34% more interaction.



B2B performs better during business hours and B2C performs 17% better on weekends.

  • Best Day – Wednesday
  • Best Times – 12pm, 3pm, 5-6pm

Tips: Wednesdays around noon and 5-6pm are peak moments during workers breaks.


  • Best Days – Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
  • Best Times – 7-8am, 12pm, 5-6pm

Tips: Business people are most likely to read LinkedIn in the morning like the newspaper.


The single most important strategy in content marketing today is video. Whether it’s video on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or Youtube, the content you need to be thinking about creating and marketing on social for your business is video. Period. No matter what you’re selling, no matter what your company does, if you don’t have a video marketing strategy for the biggest video platforms, you are going to lose.


Check out how to make a kick-ass video for your video marketing strategy.



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