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[07/09 Virtual Event] CryptoMondays: Stability in the Crypto Ecosystem


[07/09 Virtual Event] CryptoMondays: Stability in the Crypto Ecosystem

CryptoMondays and BeFast.TV invite you to join the streaming of “Stability in the Crypto Ecosystem” event. The event was broadcasted on July 9th, 2018 (Pacific Time).

Panel discussion:

Stability in the Crypto Ecosystem – Why stable coins are needed for the ecosystem to gain adoption

Can we imagine widespread adoption of digital and cryptocurrencies with stable coins? How is each of the stable coins projects similar or different to one another? In this panel, we’ll explore ways in which stable coins fit into this dynamic ecosystem.



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CryptoMondays is a decentralized global community that shares a passion for crypto, blockchain and how it’s going to change the world in dramatic ways. CryptoMonday’s San Francisco will offer fantastic content from panelists to presentations, and offer a place to network with people sharing their views, learning and having a blast.




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We saw tekonization as a democratization of finance because you have all these high yield products that are only available to institutional investors out there1 and by the time they reach the retail investors there are so many layers of fees that the returns are deteriorated to something that isn’t that interesting anymore so we saw that if we can remove most of the middleman in that equation that would be valuable” 

– Timo Lehes

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