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The Club for Travel Innovators – Voyager HQ

The Club for Travel Innovators – Voyager HQ

Voyager HQ empowers startups to create the future of travel by connecting them with investors, corporate partners, and each other.


How it Works:

Voyager curates a community of the movers and shakers in the travel industry. Not just anyone gets accepted. If you are the founder of a travel startup or making waves in a travel institution, you should apply to become a Voyager.

The Voyager club member enjoys access to an ever-growing, exclusive knowledge base and set of resources. Some benefits include exclusive access to partner roundtables, personal investor intros, listing capability on our Travel Job Board, an insider newsletter, and more.

Voyagers receive invitations to startup, investor, and partner meetings. These opportunities are curated to ensure that the conversations are trustworthy, meaningful and actionable.


– John Matson, Managing Director of Voyager HQ
– Marina Bay, CEO & Founder of BeFast.TV


About Voyager HQ
Voyager is the club for travel innovators connecting travel startup founder, investors and corporation.


About Travel Tech Con (TTC)
Travel Tech Con (TTC) is the only independent travel technology conference for startups and engineers.


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