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VR Gastronomy Is Here – Kokiri Lab

VR Gastronomy Is Here – Kokiri Lab

Meet Jinsoo An, the Founder of Kokiri Lab. Forget about calories, forget about food allergies or other health-related issues. With Project Nourished you can enjoy any food you wish.

Jinsoo An is a designer, researcher and technologist from Seoul. He designs how people interact by deconstructing human behavior, thought process, culture and technology. He has worked with over 40 leading companies in 20+ industries and has been profiled in The Huffington Post, NPR, VICE, Wired, among others. Outside of his work, he has collaborated with UCLA Suprastudio, Interaction Design Association and AgroParisTech to help foster virtual/augmented reality, food tech, wearables and other novel, multi-sensory experiences.

Kokiri Lab, originally founded in 2014 as the 1st wearable hackerspace by Jinsoo An, is a think tank that builds disruptive products and services with an emphasis on the well-being of people and society. They create future vision and introduce technologies that are facilitated through culture and human senses.


“Project Nourished” is an intense gastronomical VR experience, where you eat and drink in a whole new way by hacking vision, gustation, olfaction, audition and touch—with or without caloric intake. Project Nourished makes food more sustainable by utilizing ingredients such as algae, yeast and insects. The technology can even be used to preserve foods for the future generations by creating chemical and digital carbon copies; in case of overfishing or natural disaster.

Location: Los Angeles, California, US
Speaker: Jinsoo An, Founder at Kokiri Lab
Video Journalist: Marina Bay, Founder & CEO at BeFast.TV

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