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Wikipedia Co-Founder Dr Larry Sanger to speak at Hong Kong Blockchain Week 2019


Wikipedia Co-Founder Dr Larry Sanger to speak at Hong Kong Blockchain Week 2019

Internet legend and developer Dr Larry Sanger will explore how blockchain has the power to transform the world around us

25 February 2019 – Hong Kong – NexChange, host of the official Hong Kong Blockchain Week 2019, has announced that Dr Larry Sanger, Co-Founder of Wikipedia and Founder of Citizendium, will be speaking at the event alongside 170+ plus expert speakers from across the global blockchain and technology ecosystem.

Drawing on his experience creating the world’s largest online encyclopedia, Dr Larry Sanger will deliver an inspiring talk on how blockchain has the potential to revolutionize our daily lives and create real-world applications that enhance society.

NexChange CEO and Founder, Juwan Lee, said:

“Dr Larry Page is one of the leading tech titans of our generation who has co-created a website that has transformed how we organize, review and consume knowledge. The insights he will share will be crucial in helping us to understand the power of blockchain technology, how it can be applied to everyday life and be a force for good.”

With just over a week to go until the start of Hong Kong Blockchain Week 2019, 3,000 + delegates, 170+ speakers and 150+ investors from 50+ countries across the world have already been confirmed as attendees. Over the course of the event, attendees will explore the big issues facing the industry today, including:

  • Blockchain and power: Big government, regulation and awareness
  • Investment outlook into blockchain technology
  • Practical applications of blockchain
  • Applications of blockchain within financial services
  • Solving the biggest tech challenges facing blockchain
  • Trusting blockchain and cybersecurity

Registration is available on the event website at www.hkblockchainweek.net.  Media can register for a free press pass via email here.

About Hong Kong Blockchain Week 2019

The official Hong Kong Blockchain Week will run from March 4-8, 2019 and is hosted by NexChange.  Over 3,000 blockchain leaders will hear from more than 170 speakers and meet over 150 investors from 50+ countries. Major blockchain themes will be explored through experiential education, practical workshops, networking opportunities, exhibitions and site tours. Over 20 side events, from investor dinners and afterparties to investor summits and the Crypto Yacht party are making it an action-packed week.

NexChange’s Block O2O Global Blockchain Summit 2019 (March 5-6) will be the cornerstone of the event, gathering blockchain professionals, industry thought leaders and top business speakers from across the world. Two days, two stages and dozens of speeches, panels, workshops and firesides will feature the hottest blockchain trends, valuable insights, ideas and predictions.

The Hybrid Summit (March 7-8) will be hosted by Strategic Programme Partner Hybrid Block in collaboration with Chaineer Blockchain Advisory Group.

Hong Kong Blockchain week is backed by major Hong Kong Government departments and research centers including CyberportHKSTP, ASTRI and Hong Kong Productivity Council. 

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About NexChange

NexChange is an innovation ecosystem-as-a-service, specialising in fintech, blockchain, AI, healthtech and smart cities. By creating a global O2O community, we create, market and invest in innovative products:

  • Media – Create event, content and social assets
  • Innovation Lab– Creating or collaborating with partners to create strategically innovative products
  • Capital – Investing, advising and accelerating companies that create innovative products.  We source deals and facilitate partnerships

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