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Final Pitch Winner ZapZapMath

Final Pitch Winner ZapZapMath

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Winner of pitching competition at RISE Conference 2017 in Hong Kong, Henry Chui, the CEO of ZapZapMath.

So, we probably all had this problem avoiding our math teachers, refusing to do our math homework and so on. That’s because for some people, math isn’t always FUN. Everyone learns differently, and conventional education methods may not be the best way to a learner’s understanding. Henry and his team have the solution; An exciting math game that stimulates and engages children with intuitive game-based lessons!


About ZapZapMath

ZapZapMath is devoted to help kids (from K-6th grade) improve and master their math capabilities by building the most engaging and fun digital game-based learning ecosystem in the world. Their math platform hosts numerous fun games enhancing critical thinking skills and confidence. It also enables children and their educators such as parents and teachers to interact in an interconnected mathematical universe. That way we can easily monitor real learning outcomes through Performance Analytics and Virtual Report Cards.

Event: RISE Conference, 2017
Location: Hong Kong Exhibition Centre, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Speaker: Henry Chui, CEO at ZapZapMath

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